Parking card for people with reduced mobility

The Parking Cards for People with Reduced Mobility (TEPMR) grant their holders the right to park the vehicle they use for their trips in specific spaces or squares, generally located as close as possible to a destination or an access point to certain places, public or private, of special interest, such as headquarters of public administrations, hospitals, schools, museums, markets, shopping centers, etc. .

It must be clarified that this card does not always coincide with the one that recognizes a degree of disability, this document, whose issuance corresponds to the autonomous communities. This is the case, for example, of Madrid capital, where the city council is (@MADRID) the person in charge of granting the TEPMR.

parking space for people with reduced mobility

What are the basic requirements to apply?

It must be taken into account that there may be differences between communities, provinces and even between municipalities but, in any case, it is the difficulty to make the usual trips in collective (public) transport which justifies this right to use parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, clearly identifiable by their specific signage.

The necessary authorization to park in them can be granted both to a Physical person like one legal, for example, to a private company that offers its collective transport services to people with reduced mobility. In both cases, it will be necessary to provide the documentation that justifies the request for the card. People who:

  1. Have legally recognized a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.
  2. Are blind or have a visual deficiency that limits their activity, something that must be confirmed by prior examination carried out by an authorized ophthalmologist or by multidisciplinary teams for qualification and recognition of the degree of disability.
  3. Achieve at least 7 points in the mobility assessment scale current, the scale on which the teams of professionals who are in charge of making this assessment are based.

In addition, there are logical and obvious situations in which that scale will always recognize the difficulty of movements without the need for any proof or recognition. This occurs mainly in four cases:

  • Being a wheelchair user.
  • Rely absolutely on two walking sticks.
  • Suffer serious intellectual deficiencies that make it difficult to use collective means of transport.
Apply for the parking card for people with reduced mobility

What you should keep in mind

Undoubtedly, this parking card plays an important role when it comes to providing people with mobility difficulties access to any service and it must be remembered that, regardless of the agency that issues it, it has valid throughout the national territory and also in that of the member states of the European Union, although it must be clarified that, in each specific place there may be variations in terms of its rules of use

Any citizen who considers that he meets the required requirements can apply for it, including foreigners residing in Spain. What must be clear is that the card is exclusively for Single Use, that is, a vehicle may be parked in a space designated for people with reduced mobility if is the owner is the one who drives or goes as a passenger in the car. The improper use of the card entails sanctions.

If you are not sure where you can get it, you can find out at the citizen service numbers. Generally, the municipalities are the responsible bodies, but the application can also be submitted at assessment and guidance centers provinces, or in the Territorial Delegations of Equality, Health and Social Policies, in some cases, as indicated, for example, by the Junta de Andalucía (@AndaluciaJunta)

The request is made by filling in and sending the corresponding form, something that, depending on the case, can be done in a in person, by mail or online.

parking card for people with reduced mobility

Where can I park?

Remember that when parking the vehicle, the card must be visible, either on the car dashboard or attached to the windshield.

In general, the holders of this document have the right to park in the places for people with disabilities that are especially distributed in places of greatest interest in urban centers.

It is also good to know that they are authorized to stop on the public road during the essential time to carry out a procedure, for example, so that a person can get out of the car and access any place, logically, they should always park in a place that does not impede the circulation of other vehicles, or the traffic of pedestrians .

In addition, if you are a cardholder you can park in the green and blue areas of the regulated parking areas, free of charge and without time limit, even do it in loading and unloading area, also complying with the previous nuance regarding the remaining circulation. It is important to remember that each municipality has its own ordinances that regulate mobility and you should know them, in case there is any variation with respect to these general rules that govern the right of parking of card users.

Finally, remember that you must check the validity period of this authorization and, if necessary, renew it.Keep in mind, in addition, that it is possible to request a temporary card parking for people with reduced mobility if you consider that you need it at a specific time and for a specific period of time.