Parcheesi is also played in the app, do you know how?

Parcheesi is one of the most popular board games in Spain along with other traditional games. Its true origin comes from India, and from the Hindi word, pacisi, which means “twenty-five.” This was the maximum amount that could be obtained with the shells that were used in the original game and that they made of dice. Now with new technologies there has been the leap from the board to mobiles and tablets, and that is why there are several free apps that allow us to have fun with this game in a classic way or with some added singularities.

Parcheesi Álex CM

This is one of the most popular. Can participate between 3 and 6 players, and if we wish, our opponent can be the computer, but only on the same device. In addition, it offers the option of play in team. It is possible to vary the speed of the dice and the chips. If you have to stop, the game is saved to continue later if you feel like it.

Parcheesi Star

This application has been developed Gameberry Labs and it is a multiplayer game with 2 or 4 players with whom to keep a match on-line. The opponents appear online spontaneously or they can also be your friends. It allows chat and send emojis.


The Parcheesi of Playspace it is also to enjoy it on-line with other players. Offers various Different multiplayer boards to get out of the game routine, in addition to the classic. By winning you get prizes and virtual money. You can go leveling up and compete with the most expert. There are various game modes and daily rewards are earned.

Parcheesi by Don Naipe


On this case there are also several who can participate in a game, but it must be on the same device. The author assures that it is a version of the game that he previously created for DOS and Linux operating systems. You can choose to play with controlled people or robots to which different skill levels can be assigned. Unlike others, it has no advertising.

Mr. Naipe

In this case the Don Naipe company offers us to play games of this board game either individually, with other people or in teams. Always on the same device. You have nine avatars to choose from and three levels of artificial intelligence. Also, if you wish, it is configured to personal taste with the colors you like, and the speed and sound you choose.