Objects designed for lefties and many others that are not

Years ago, being left-handed was frowned upon, and even those who were were forced to shift their dexterity to the right hand. In Spain there are approximately 12% left-handed people, a figure that increases worldwide to the point that there is already an International Left-Handed Day. However, there are countries like Japan, where it is not well seen to be left-handed and therefore the percentage decreases.

For that part of the population that is, there are certain activities that require an effort, since the utensils or tools to develop them are designed with the right-handed in mind. Such is the case with scissors, corkscrews or guitars.

However, these situations occur less and less, since, thanks to innovations and new technologies, there are several artifacts focused on this percentage of the population.

In addition to the classic left-handed scissors, these people already have many objects adapted to their day to day such as a can opener. Lefties can now open cans with ease, with specific can openers for them.

left handed guitar

Another novelty in the kitchen are the double-edged knives, in such a way that it can be used interchangeably by left and right handed.

Lefties can now write with pens designed for them. The pen writing system is made mainly for right-handed people since in order for them to write they must be dragged across the paper to the right side.

However, many left-handers still find themselves with the problem of staining when writing, well, they have already invented notebooks with special paper so that the ink does not run and, by the way, without a spiral, to avoid the discomfort of nailing them.

left handed mouse

The pencil sharpener They have also innovated in this line and already have specific models for lefties.

Computer mice It is another of the things that can already be modified and they are even sold with ergonomics adapted for this population.

Play the guitar? Yes, but in reverse. A southpaw must hold the guitar upside down, which means changing the strings.

Is golf another of your hobbies? Don’t worry, there are already clubs so you can hit the ball with your left.

Did you know that corkscrews are designed for right-handed users? It is another of the inventions that have been worked on, and lefties already have corkscrews designed for them without opening a bottle entailing a sacrifice.

left handed golf

However, there are still things that still have a lot to work on, such as cars, whose gear lever is on the right (although not in all countries), or bags, mostly designed to be carried on the right side. , showing the brand and leaving the zipper in the front.