Nail clippers or scissors? How to better cut nails

Most people tend to use one utensil or another. There are who they prefer scissors And they can’t get by with a nail clipper, while others don’t understand how someone can get their nails trimmed with scissors.

As is usual, each one has its own pros and cons. On the one hand, the scissors facilitate cutting, so that you can get the desired shape on your nails more easily, both hands and feet. In addition, anyone masters the handling of a scissors, as they are used for many other tasks.

How against we find what they are more dangerous to use if we do not have a good pulse, with which we do not usually have the same ability in both hands (if you are right-handed, cutting the nails of the right hand is sometimes an ordeal with scissors) and they do not make a cut as uniform as the nail clipper .

For its part, the nail clipper stands out for making cleaner cuts, although it is more difficult to master than scissors. This makes the finish on the fingernails less good. Of course, on the feet your result is much better since you have to do less force and you can focus on more inaccessible areas.

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Prepared for seniors

You prefer one utensil or the other, both have “versions” designed for seniors who have problems such as reduced mobility.

On the scissors, they usually have rounded blades so that people who have visual or coordination problems do not injure themselves. In this sense, there are extra long to reach the feet more easily, they are usually light in weight and with handles for the fingers that facilitate their use. It should be noted that if someone has mobility, vision or pulse problems, never use normal scissors.

Regarding the adapted nail clippers for older people, they are characterized by having a plastic base so that they can be used on a table. In this way it is possible to hold and press them even with the forearm, so it is not necessary to use a great force with the hand. In this case, the main handicap is found by people whose mobility does not allow them bending over to cut your toenails.