My parquet is very scratched: What can I do?

Keeping the parquet in good condition is not easy, it requires a lot of care and, even so, the dreaded scratches caused by shoes or chairs, among other elements, usually appear. But how can we remove them? Next, we are going to give you some home remedies so that you can finish them off.

In the event that the scratches are very deep, it is best to get a little sandpaper. Then rub over the damaged area in a circular motion until you see the scratch begin to disappear. Then apply a little putty to the area and wait for it to dry. Sand again to remove excess material and you’re done. To restore shine to the entire parquet, our advice is to wax it.

For those floors with small scratches we can use a mixture of three parts of oil and one of vinegar in a glass. We will wet a cloth in this solution and apply it to the scratches on the floor. After a few minutes, we will see how these disappear. This solution is also very effective for wooden furniture.

Another option is to use wax. You can first sand the area and then apply the wax, or directly use the wax on the scratched surface. Remember to remove the dust that we have generated with the sandpaper so that when applying the wax the floor looks good.

Wax is a great nutrient for wood. Sometimes a single coat may not be enough and you may have to apply several consecutive coats to restore your parquet to its original appearance.

For surface scratches, You can use a simple wood marker in the color of your floor that you will find in hardware stores. Try one corner first in case you haven’t picked the right color.

My parquet is very scratched. What can I do?  Photo: bigstock

You can also get a repair pencil to fill in the scratch area.

Remember the importance of cleaning the area well before applying any type of wax or mixture.

In the case of small scratches you can try a walnut. To do this, open a walnut and extract its core with which we will rub the damaged surface. The oil in this food is very effective in this type of damage.

We can also help ourselves with a little repair lacquer for those superficial scratches, always following the manufacturer’s instructions.

What’s more, remember that if you follow some measures you will avoid damaging the parquet, such as: passing a soft cotton mop to remove all dust or sand from the floor, taking off our shoes when entering the house, avoiding dragging the furniture, among other measures.