My back itches a lot: why is it?

The more we scratch, the more it itches and, thus, without stopping. Back itching can be the reflection of a health problem and in turn, it can trigger others if we do not solve it in time. But why does our back itch so much?

Back itching can be a symptom of some inflammatory skin condition such as atopic dermatitis to systemic, neurological and autoimmune disorders such as liver or kidney failure, multiple sclerosis or celiac disease.

One of the most common causes of itchy back, especially during aging, is the dry skin, which can be aggravated by environmental factors, cold air, low humidity, central heating or spending hours sitting, among others.

In the event that the reason is dry skin, it is recommended to apply moisturizer frequently.

Psychological motives

In many cases, this itching problem is associated with a psychological origin. These are excessive urges to scratch or pick at the skin.

Behind this problem there may be obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, somatoform disorders, mania or psychosis, among others.

Sometimes localized and chronic itching occurs, resulting in an area that changes color and is very itchy.

Itch control

While we are able to eliminate the origin of the itch, one of the best ways to reduce it is, as we have mentioned, by hydrating the affected area. The vaseline it can be a great ally in these cases.

Should be avoid hot baths and it is recommended to use only mild soaps.

Likewise, it is important that, if we scratch the area with our nails, they are short and clean to avoid infections or injuries to the skin. In addition, it is advisable to use loose cotton clothing.

Is also it is not recommended to consume alcohol, coffee or spicy foods, since they trigger the release of histamine and therefore increase the itchiness.

However, specialists point out that one of the best treatments is the effort of the patient himself to avoid scratching the area.

My back itches a lot: why is it?  Photo: bigstock

When should I see a doctor?

Back itch is not a serious cause for concern, beyond the discomfort it entails. However, if the symptom spreads for several months or discomfort prevents us from carrying out our daily activities, we must consult with our doctor.

If the itching spreads to other areas of the body, other symptoms appear in the area or lack of strength, fever or weight loss, it will be important to speak with our specialist for a good diagnosis.