More humanity: this will be the age of Aquarius that we started

Astrologers are living a unique moment for humanity with what they define as a change of cycle. For the first time, the signs of Jupiter and Saturn have been aligned in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign, something that had not happened for hundreds of years, that is why they speak of the beginning of the Aquarian age. But what is this really?

Many astrologers point out that last December 21, coinciding with the onset of winter, was when the planets of Jupiter and Saturn aligned. East event lasting about an hour, it was broadcast online by observatories around the world.

Although there are those who point out that the beginning of the Aquarian age began in the 60s and others point out that it will be 300 years from now, Most bet on December 21 as the beginning of a new era, a theory that many experts reinforce when analyzing the events that have occurred in the last year, such as the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Without a doubt, believers in astrology or not, it is evident that something is happening and why not a change of era?

More humanity: this will be the age of Aquarius that we started Photo: bigstock

Changes for humanity

To understand the Aquarian era, one must start from the premise that Astronomical events influence human affairs.

According to astrologers, eras have marked great historical moments. In this sense, he points out that the Age of Aquarius will bring with it a new consciousness of the human being And this is because Aquarius is a humanitarian sign. The next two thousand years will be marked by the collaboration and help with each other globally, as well as unconditional love, peace among the masses and love for our planet and nature, leaving behind the economic, financial and business vision, which was marked by being located in earth signs since 1800.

This era in which we enter asks us learn to be part of a collective, integrating ourselves in the groups and that, although maintaining our singularities, we feel part of humanity.

The famous song already said Aquiarius from the musical Hair: harmony and understanding or what is the same, peace and love.

What is an astrological age?

Astrological eras coincide with the movements of the Earth. Every 2150 years the position of the sun at the time of the March equinox moves in front of a new constellation of the Zodiac, marking a new era.

We have already lived those of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces and now we are in the transition towards the Age of Aquarius, which will in turn be marked by the presence of Jupiter and Saturn.