Mercadona, Lidl or Dia: In which supermarket is it cheaper for you to take your purchase home?

At the time of doing the weekly or monthly purchaseYou generally find it difficult to carry all the products you have purchased, especially the bulkier and heavier ones. This may cause you to go to the supermarket more often, since it is too great an effort to carry too much weight, even more so if you do not have an adequate means of transport or help to take everything home.

In this case, many commercial surfaces have a delivery of the purchase to your home. This can be used in two different ways that, in reality, have nothing to do with it. On the one hand, there is the option that you go to the supermarket, make the purchase by choosing directly what you want to buy and then, after paying and going through the checkout, that the establishment itself is in charge of transporting it to your home.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of making the purchase on-line, from the comfort of your home. In this case you just have to enter the Web page of each establishment to choose the products you want to purchase. And a short time later they will deliver it to your home.

How much does it cost to have your groceries delivered to your home in supermarkets?

In one way or another, the objective is to help the consumer in the transport of the products, which is a great advantage for the elderly.

What do the supermarkets that sell the most offer?

As there are dozens of supermarket chains, let’s take a look at the ones that sell the most in our country.


As explained by the website of this chain (@Mercadona), anyone who makes the purchase in one of its supermarkets, by phone or online has the possibility of having it delivered to their home. Of course, if you go to one of its stores, it will come out something cheaper, well you will have to pay a fee of 4.21 euros. On the other hand, if the purchase is made online (using your merchant on-line) or by phone, the price is 7.21 euros.


The French multinational (@CarrefourES) also makes available to its customers a Home delivery service whether they make the purchase in the different stores that make up its network of centers (supermarkets and hypermarkets), or in your supermarket on-line. In the first case, when you go to the checkout they will inform you about the price you have to pay and from what amount it is free. For its part, if you buy online The prices will be as follows: 9 euros for purchases under 90 euros, 6 euros for purchases ranging from 90 to 120 euros, and free when they exceed 100 euros paying with your Pass card or 120 euros when using other payment options .


The third of the supermarkets (@DAY_Esp) that sells the most in our country offers both options to its customers. On the one hand, they can go to the multiple stores that it has and ask to take the purchase home. In this case, the minimum purchase must be 40 euros and the price to pay will be 3 euros. On the other hand, the chain also has the possibility of buying online. The conditions when using the road on-line are as follows: if the order is less than 50 euros, the preparation and shipping costs are 6. Of course, if the order is equal to or greater than 50 euros, the shipping it will be free.



This German string (@lidlespana) already has the possibility of selling on-line. In the event that you want to make the purchase in your application or your website, the shipping costs are always 3.99 euros, regardless of the number of items or their size. In addition, they inform that the delivery time is 1 to 3 working days.


In home delivery, the fifth chain that sells the most in Spain (@EROSKI) charges 5.98 euros in which they are sent home (including preparation and shipping of the same).

To field

Finally, Alcampo (@to field) provides various options. If we stick to the normal in trade on-line, that is, the delivery of products from food and home, the cost of the service is 9.90 euros.

Home service for seniors

OCU study

In its study of prices of supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores, the OCU also analyze home deliveries and purchases on-line and concludes that “some chains in the northwest were the best valued, such as Alimerka, Froiz and Gadis, possibly due to the influence of home delivery. The worst views in this regard are hard-discount not having these services ”. According to himself, Froiz, Consum and Spar, all of them supermarkets, are the ones that got the best marks in this section. In terms of hypermarkets, the most valued was Hypercor, while in the discount stores, Lidl takes the best score well ahead of Aldi and with Dia on his heels.