Make borax the perfect ally for home cleaning

Borax is the trade name for boron salt, a natural mineral with cleansing and antiseptic capabilities. We can find it naturally in food, plants, water and even in the human body, although it can also be obtained artificially through industrial processes. Thanks to its antiseptic power, it is very useful to eliminate bacteria and germs so it is easy to find it among the compounds of common cleaning products and it can become, if it is not already, it is a great ally in cleaning the home (Some even claim that it is more powerful than bicarbonate). Let’s see different uses that will make it an essential in our homes:

In the kitchen

Make borax the perfect ally for home cleaning

We start with the place in the house where more dirt, germs and bacteria can accumulate and that, at the same time, because it is where we cook and have food, cleaning must be total. To achieve this we can use borax for its antibacterial properties. We just have to rub the area we want to clean with a wet cloth with a mixture of 200 g of borax and lemon juice. Then we rinse well with water.

What’s more, This product is perfect for cleaning dishes. We just have to sprinkle a little borax on cutlery, pots, pans and all the dishes in general and rub with a damp cloth and rinse. And if we use a dishwasher, it is highly recommended to add a quarter cup of this cleaner in each wash. In addition to making the dishes and cutlery perfect, we will also be able to clean and disinfect the inside of the machine.

And, special attention in the kitchen deserves the garbage cans where, in addition to the germs, bad odors accumulate. To fight them, We sprinkle a little borax in the bucket and fill it with water. Let it act for a few minutes, rinse and we will have a bucket free of bacteria and bad odors.

With the mattresses

Make borax the perfect ally for home cleaning

Mattress cleaning is another household chore in which borax can be a great ally to kill bacteria and microorganisms that can be harmful to health. We must impregnate a damp cloth with borax, rub the entire surface of the mattress and let it air dry for several hours. It is best to take advantage of this cleaning when we turn the mattresses over.

With the clothes

Make borax the perfect ally for home cleaning

Sodium borate is one of the components of many laundry products, but if our usual detergent does not contain it, we can add half a cup of borax in each wash cycle to increase its effectiveness. And it is that it enhances the anti-stain action of the detergent and neutralizes bad odors. This is due to the fact that borax maintains the pH levels of the water above 8, which is perfect for cleaning and, in addition, it converts water molecules into hydrogen peroxide, enhancing the anti-stain power.

What’s more, It is also a great ally for removing mold or musty odor from clothing. We only have to submerge the garments in a basin with two liters of water and about 400 grams of borax. We let the clothes soak for about two hours and we will have eliminated any presence of mold or humidity.

With mold and rust stains

Make borax the perfect ally for home cleaning

This ability to kill mold from clothing, tIt is also useful to eliminate stains of mold (and rust) on surfaces such as the shower or faucets. In this case, we mix two tablespoons of borax with lemon juice and apply it to the area to be cleaned. Let it act for about 30 minutes and then rub and rinse.

With the flowers

Make borax the perfect ally for home cleaning

And finally, a very practical use of borax: to preserve fresh flowers for longer. To get it, We mix one part of borax with two parts of cornmeal. With the mixture, we sprinkle the flowers so that they will take longer to wither.