Make an appointment on the Internet to request the Transport Pass

The Transport Pass For the elderly in the Community of Madrid, it allows its users to use public transport for a much more advantageous price than the usual rate. There are discounts for young people, large families, the disabled and also for people over 65.

In this case, a unlimited number of trips for a fee of 123 euros per year. This title is personal and non-transferable and can be requested at any time, although only the proportional part of that current year will be paid. That is, if it is requested on October 15, the full month of October, November and December will be paid, that is, 41 euros. If you request the subscription from November 1, it will no longer take effect until the following year, so the ideal is to do it before this date to be able to start enjoying it from the first moment.

This fertilizer it is charged on the Public Transport Card. Includes the zones A, B and C. The savings are considerable, since normally, without any type of discount, it would cost about 1,000 euros. Therefore, it is worth applying if you meet this age requirement.

Steps to make an appointment online

Transport pass for the elderly

Requesting an appointment through the Internet is very simple. You just have to click here, then click on Appointment and you arrive at a new window where you are asked to indicate your ID. You type it and click To accept.

You will now see a list of available offices. You can filter the search by office or by date, depending on what suits you best. A screen with all available appointments appears. There are 5 minute sections for each of them. Choose the one that best suits you and click on Confirm appointment.

Then, you only have to wait for the day of the appointment and go to the office you have chosen on time, with the necessary documentation. You will have to carry ID and a credit or debit card to make the payment. Right there you will also have to fill out a form. Keep in mind that they do not accept cash payments and that they do not attend walk-ins, so both are critical.