Like the dog and the cat … do they really get along that bad?

Coexistence in minimal harmony between a dog and a cat is more than possible. Especially if they grew up together and they have been known from puppies, the problems between them will not be greater than those that could arise between two animals of the same species. It is not strange to see a dog and a kitten playing together, cuddling up against each other and also having their little fights (it happens in the best families) that never become worrisome.

In this sense, veterinarians and ethologists experts in animal behavior emphasize that each dog and each cat has its own character. There are some who will “get along” wonderfully; Others will simply learn to support each other and in the worst case, especially if two aggressive animals and very jealous of their territory coincide in the same space, living together will be quite complicated.

Precautions to get your dog and cat to get along

The Illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Valencia (ICOVV), explains that, in many countries, the cat is gaining ground as the dog’s “official” pet. More and more masters are they decide to have the two under one roof. If this is your case, or you plan to bring a cat home when you already have a dog (or vice versa), you should bear in mind that, on many occasions, cat-dog lawsuits can arise from small details that you can avoid:

  • Give each animal its space. As well as they get along, don’t force them to share more space than necessary. Each one must have his feeder and its rest area (bed, cushion, blanket …) separated from the other. So they will be together only if they feel like it.
  • Try to intervene in “their things” as little as possible. Leave them to their own devices, you should only put order when the situation demands it, before a possible dangerous fight that can end an injured animal. Cut off any aggressive outbreaks quickly and effectively (an energetic No! Or separation of the animals) to prevent the issue from escalating.
  • Beware of pampering and carantoñas. Do not hold one of the two in your arms if the other is present and always try to caress them at the same time.
  • Respect the way of being of each of your pets tried to give everyone what they need. Your dog will require daily walks and, on the other hand, the cat, generally more independent, will have to have his time alone (up on his vertical scratching post, hidden in a closet …).

If what you have is “Present” two animals, because one of them is already in your home, you must take extreme precautions. The presentation and the first contact should be made progressively. If you have an adult dog and you bring a small pussy home, keep it for the first few moments in his carrier. Animals have to begin to know each other, smell and hear each other. During the first few days, depending on how you see how they react, tin them in separate spaces a time and encourages direct contact between them without haste. With a little patience and a little luck, the coexistence will develop without major difficulties.