Learn to send your location in real time by WhatsApp

The WhatsApp messages application has become an essential for the mobiles of people of all ages. But perhaps you did not know that, in addition to sending and receiving text, voice, photos or video messages, it also allows you to send your exact location so that the other person who receives it can locate you.

This option is very useful both for your moments of leisure and daily life, showing where that special street or that store that sells the best bread in your neighborhood is located, as well as for situations of trouble or urgency, such as accidents in which it is It is important that emergency services arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do before sending a location by WhatsApp is to make sure that the Location / GPS option of your mobile is activated.

WhatsApp location 00

Then you must press the icon of the clip, the same one that you would press to send a photo or a contact. What that icon tells you is that you are going to attach something to your conversation with a person, or a group of people.

WhatsApp location 01

Now, since what you want is to attach or indicate a location, you must press the ‘Location’ icon.

WhatsApp location 02

A map will open where it will give us various location options. We can ship where we are at the moment, which is the fastest and most common option. Our location will be marked with a blue dot on the map. We click on ‘Send my current location’ and at that moment our location will remain in the conversation sent.

WhatsApp location 03

Another option is to send our location in real time, that is, the person or people who send the message through WhatsApp will know where you are, and will be updated when you move. You can select to share your location in multiple time frames (15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours). At any time you can stop sharing your location by going back to the conversation and clicking on ‘Stop sharing’.

WhatsApp location 04

It can also happen that we want to send an address or location where we are not at that moment. It can also be done. Simply at the top of the screen we click on the magnifying glass to find that place that we want to indicate.

WhatsApp location 05

We write the name of the place in the search space, we wait for the results that the mobile phone offers us to load at the bottom and, when we see the one we want, we press it.WhatsApp location 06