Learn to scrub the floor well and eliminate the bad smell

One of the main tips for our house to smell good is proper ventilation and cleaning. However, there are times that even when cleaning there is an unpleasant smell that we are not able to get rid of. In those cases, we advise you to wash curtains and upholstery, garbage cans and, even if you have not taken it into account, clean your floor correctly, as it can help us to make our house smell good.

First of all, even if you think that dust can re-enter or the good smell of the product we use, it can go out the window: it is important that you ventilate when scrubbing the floor. In this way, in addition to drying beforehand, you will prevent that good smell of the product from concentrating and ending up generating bad odors.

On the other hand, it is important that you remove dust or any other dirt before mopping, since otherwise you will only be moistening that dirt and moving it to the other side.

To mop the floor you can choose different products depending on the type of surface that you have, since a parquet will not be the same as a ceramic floor. In any case, you can always choose a product that provides a clean smell. If you prefer, you can use your own bath gel, since they have a neutral PH and for delicate floors it can be a good alternative.

Tips for scrubbing the floor well and for our house to smell good Photo: bigstock

There is a homemade trick to make the soil smell good consistent in a mixture of hot water with lemon.

Another tip is that you add to the water with which you are going to scrub the floor a little essential oil pine, lavender or roses, among others.

Clean the utensils

It is useless trying to clean a surface if the utensils with which we are going to do it are dirty. The only thing we will do is make it worse. This works both for cloths, brooms, and for the mop. In the latter case, if we do not clean or change it frequently we will be spreading dirt and germs throughout the house.

To keep our mop clean We advise you to put it in the bucket with clean water and soap, and add a little vinegar or bleach if you want to disinfect it too. Turn the stick between your hands quickly so that the mop looses the dirt (as if you were going to make a fire), leave it for 30 minutes and repeat the movement. Remember that it is important that it dries properly so that it does not generate a bad smell. For correct drying, avoid putting it inside the bucket and hang it on a wall hook, preferably so that it is on the air.

Regarding the bucket, you can wash it with soap and water or any disinfectant.