Learn how you can give your books a second life

Moving away from the nostalgia produced by getting rid of them, giving a second life to the books we have at home is the best way to perpetuate the stories they keep inside. From leaving them to our friends to donating them to public libraries, there are different options to keep our books going their own way.

Do you know “bookcrossing”?

Since it appeared in the United States in early 2000, the book exchange has been one of the most common practices among readers around the world. Its definition, as we can see in the University of Granada, refers to the exchange of books worldwide.

To get started, all you have to do is go to the Web that we have in Spain for this practice. Register the book so you can track it and then release it anywhere in your city where it can be visible. A park, a library entrance, or a busy street can be a good place to start. Remember that you can always go to the website to see the kilometers that your book is doing.

Depending on the type of books, as well as their state, you can donate them in some of the libraries in your city. Find out in advance what the requirements are so that they accept them and, immediately afterwards, go with those who comply with them.

There are many Libraries that accept these types of donations. And, since these are usually somewhat stricter, you can also go to the various NGOs or institutes in your city to propose this donation. Surely you will find the center where your books will be able to be useful for someone.

Bookstores specialized in second-hand books

There are many bookstores that are specialized in buying, selling and second-hand book exchange. From traditional bookstores where we can sell or donate our oldest books, to newer proposals such as the Re Read chain of bookstores, specializing in the sale of current second-hand books at a much lower price. Approach one of the two options and spend a day recycling your books until they are given a second youth. Your future readers will thank you.