Learn how home laundries work (and always have your clothes impeccable)

What we cannot do at the blow of click on your mobile or computer … Book a trip, change your appointment at our medical center, order food at home … and now also request a service laundry that collects those dirty clothes in your own home without having to move. And with the advantage of returning it to you flawless in the same way.

New entrepreneurial ideas that are beginning to proliferate in some cities of our country in the form of a digital application. We show you some of them in case they interest you:

Learn how home laundries work


The operation of this application (@lavanapp) it’s simple. Once downloaded to your smartphone, you choose the service you need (dry cleaning or laundry), while you select the address so that they can go to look for those dirty clothes, the date and the time of collection and delivery of the same.

Thus, they will pick up your order and return that perfectly clean and ironed clothes according to the instructions that you have marked at the beginning. Yes, for now only works in Madrid.

This laundry company bets on the use of organic certified soaps and machinery And they have a 24-hour express dry cleaning service in case you need that perfect suit for a last minute engagement.


This other home laundry service It is useful for all those who live in Valencia. A professional wash job, but without having to turn on the washing machine. Thus, you can make the order you prefer (from loads of 9 kilograms of clothes to the largest of almost 20 kilograms) either through your website or by phone.

To do this, you choose the amount of clothes you need to wash, select the appropriate washing or drying program for the type of garments you want to clean and, finally, process the order. To benefit from discounts, you can choose some of their packs savings (including 5 washes) Or formalize a subscription to have your clothes washed regularly whenever you want.


In addition to the two areas mentioned above with the platforms that we have already seen, this new digital tool provides service in Barcelona, ​​Seville and the Vallés area. This application collects your clothes (from delicate pieces to leather garments, carpets or quilts) in 2 hours and even with the possibility of changing that time of deposit and reception of the laundry if an unforeseen event has arisen at the last minute.

With Washrocks (@washrocksapp) you can know at any time the status of your order (what you can do Monday to Sunday from 07:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.), as well as its location through notices on your mobile.