Know the different types of alarm for your home

Like every summer, the movement of families to enjoy the holidays is massive. Some getaways that, although this time will be at the national tourism level, have an immovable consequence: leave the house sunto.

This leads many families to think of fictitious situations in which something can happen to their homes, and visits to insurance and alarm pages increase. If this is your case, we must say that there are different types of alarms depending on their purpose, their transmission route, their detection system … We explain what are some of the most common types of alarms and their characteristics:

According to the protected property

Each house is a world, and this will need specific characteristics that the alarm should reflect. There are some that are designed for business, which can later be useful for our home. For example, some devices such as the anti-robbery or SOS button are directly intended for the security of companies, while others are intended for domestic purposes, such as video surveillance cameras.

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However, the best way to find out which type of alarm best suits each and your needs is to consult a specialist. For example in Securitas Direct offer a free safety study with which to know what devices are necessary and where to locate them to guarantee the protection of your property.

According to connection and transmission

It is important to note that not all alarm systems are connected to a central monitoring station. There are simulated alarms (devices designed to pretend that there is a security installation) and dissuasive alarms (which detect movement and only activate an acoustic signal to repel the intruder), which are ineffective when activating a security protocol and, therefore Therefore, they do not offer any protection in cases of danger.

Within the equipment that does send its signals to a receiving center, we can distinguish between wired alarms (susceptible to sabotage by cable cutting) and wireless alarms. The alarm can use a two-way wireless transmission system to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Center: GSM signal (mobile network) and ATN Network (Alarm Transmission Network), impossible to inhibit.

The price of installing a wired alarm typically ranges from between 200 and 600 euros. And if you opt for a wireless medium, the price of a wireless alarm can be between 90 and 200 euros.

By function

There is a great variety: against robberies, fires, disasters … The most common in this sense are anti intrusion systems (of unwanted people), fire fighting systems and the flood protection systems.