Keys to decorate your home in natural style

Choosing a certain style of decoration is a personal decision, but if there is one that most people like, it is the one that tries to bring home a «bit» of nature, with the intention of creating comfortable, bright spaces, with a predominance of simple elements. , that simply, contribute to your well-being.

The so-called natural style, so fashionable, is based on a harmonious combination of rustic and modern. If you also want your home to be ecological, the natural fibers in the textiles you choose, wood, along with other materials such as wicker, for furniture and water-based paints, free of chemical elements, are details that you should take into account.

The four principles of natural style in decoration

Everyone can have a very specific idea of ​​what natural design is, but any of them must include two keywords: functional and cozy. These are two adjectives that define a style that bets on the basic, beautiful and practical elements in equal measure, and that is absolutely the opposite of any ornate decoration.

natural decoration
  • Walls and floors. They create the frame where you will shape your decorative project, so they are especially important. The coatings you choose should favor the maximum use of natural light. Bet on white or soft tones that evoke nature itself: beige, sand, pastel greens … If you feel like it, you can choose, for the floor of any room, such as the living room, wood in the form of a platform or parquet. The contrast with the white walls will be great and will be a good starting point.
  • Furniture. The secret is in do not include extra furniture. The thousand accessories that only serve to subtract space, there are plenty. Items such as bulky bedside tables or sturdy headboards in the bedroom have no place in this style. Shelves, shelves, display cabinets for «figurines» … are too much. Make your basic furniture create a nice contrast with walls and floors. For example, solid dark wood furniture will look good on a floor in light tones, and, on the other hand, on a wooden floor, simple and light furniture will go great, if they are in white, perfect.
  • Textiles. They bring warmth to any room and are essential in the natural style. Vegetable fiber rugs such as jute or sisal, light silk or cotton curtains or soft natural wool cushions, are details that will make any room comfortable in the simplest way and without recharging at all.
natural style decoration
  • Plants. Indispensable in this decorative style. You have a multitude of indoor plants that are going to be the hallmark of your house. It is not about placing them everywhere, but about giving them an obvious prominence. Some dried flowers or branches, a lush plant in that empty and somewhat dark corner, a fern or a small vine that hangs from the ceiling, a flowerpot that gives a fresh touch to the bathrooms … minimal details that will make nature enter your home.