It’s time! How to find out what your correct bra size is


Despite age, many women still they buy their underwear without really knowing the size that corresponds to your figure. In fact, a study carried out a few years ago by the University of Barcelona and the Pillow Bra corsetry revealed that 70% of women meet this prediction. This is the case of the bra, a garment that performs a very specific function: support, shape and protect the breast using proper pressure.

The problem comes when, because of this ignorance, you wear a bra every day that causes you more serious chafing, redness, and ailments such as, for example, sagging breasts due to excessive pressure, discomfort in the shoulders due to not holding properly or the appearance of encystments in the tissues due to not allowing the blood supply to circulate freely.

Fortunately, you can calculate the bra size that best suits your measurements with a simple operation and the help of a tape measure. How should you do it?

How to measure your bra size

Not all models are the same

The importance of knowing how to calculate your bra size does not only lie in avoiding the health problems mentioned above, you should keep it in mind whenever you go shopping because each brand varies its measurements slightly, so you will be forced to check the size each time. Besides, also other external factors influence like hormonal changes, which cause your breasts to slightly increase in size.

The nomenclature on which the size of these garments is based is also essential. It is made up of a numerical figure (80, 85, 90, 95 or 100) and an uppercase letter (B, C and D), which refers to the size of the cup. To calculate it, approximately, you just have to:

  1. Measure with a tape measure the diameter around the back below the chest, right in the area where the bra ring is placed, that is, around the thorax. Write down the resulting number and continue.
  2. The second step is to measure the contour at the level of the nipple. You should rest the tape on the chest and go back around the back to know the stroke. This data corresponds to the letter of the cup.

Once the operation is done, you just have to check the table of measurements provided by each brand before walking into the fitting room and buying your new bra. This is composed of several centimeter intervals, which correspond to the different sizes. Most Spanish firms follow the French sizing system, as it covers almost all types of breasts, although you can ask at the store so as not to be wrong again.

Bras for women over 60

Other tips for using the bra correctly

Once you know your bra size and in order to avoid the health problems discussed above, it is also important that you take into account other equally significant factors. For example, suspenders are an essential element in this garment, so they must meet a series of requirements. First of all, these should be straight to properly support the chest. In addition, it is recommended that they have a width of two fingers, As minimum. Something that is not always easy to find, as aesthetics and beauty currently prevail over its true utility.

On the other hand, the hoop should be tight in the chest area and always comfortably. If you feel it digging into your skin, you may need to change your bra or opt for a different size. In this sense, you can intersperse the use of these models with others that do not include hoop and that they are just as comfortable and beneficial.

Another aspect that must be met is that the whole breast is collected in the cup of the bra, otherwise it loses its function. And the back band, where the clasps are, must be horizontal. If not, it means that it is too tight and may not be the right size.

Still not clear?

If despite all these tips and indications you still do not understand the accounts or your knowledge does not obtain a result in practice, you can always turn to your smartphone. More specifically to the Sayfit app (@sayfit), designed especially for all those women who want know the perfect size and cup of bra.

Available for iOS and Android and totally free, this program not only tells you the right size, it also shows you the brands that make these models and the stores where you can find them, as well as their location. To do this, you only have to enter the measurements that you have already obtained in the previous process, which we have detailed at the beginning of the article, and the app will automatically calculate your size and bra cup.

Another added value is that Sayfit has been developed by experts in the field. They are Francesc Puertas, David Balaguer and Raúl Montero, members of the company Activa Anoia 2050 SL, whose objective is to investigate and disseminate the knowledge associated with corsetry.