Is your sink not working? These are the most basic and frequent repairs you can do

It’s one of the most annoying household mishaps: a clogged sink or a plumbing leak that turns your toilet into a swimming pool in a matter of minutes. Barring major complications, you can fix some of the most frequent breakdowns in this toilet. We explain to you How to do it as if you were a professional.

A leaky faucet

Imagine the scene. You are in your bed about to fall asleep and you hear how the drops fall in an exasperating sound. Your tap leaks and you have to fix it; something that happens every so often due to the deterioration in its use. Doing so is not more complicated since in most cases when a water leak of this type occurs, what you have to do is change the rubber washer, clean the lime that has accumulated in the taps or check that the inner gasket is not damaged.

In the latter case, cut off the water flow, disassemble this item and locate the place where the water escapes. Once you have replaced that gasket with a new one of the same size, screw all the parts of the tap again and with the water given, check that everything is perfect.

Is your sink not working?  These are the most basic and frequent repairs you can do

What if the problem is in the sink drain?

Another problem can come from the sink drain. The best thing is that you take advantage of this circumstance to change it and opt for one automatic. The first step, after turning off the water, is to loosen the nuts on the screws that hold the sink to the wall and lift the sink. Now is the time to remove the central screw of the grill, remove this and also remove the piece that serves as a connecting link between the drain and the siphon of your sink.

Now place the new automatic model (in the store they will have recommended the one that best fits your washbasin) and fasten it firmly with the nut, preventing the sealing gaskets on the upper and lower part from moving out of place. As a final step, connect the siphon to the drain valve and check, already with water, that it works perfectly.

Clogged sink

It is one of the most common situations in bathrooms, especially due to hair, dirt, soap and other cosmetic products. To fix this fault, we can use a specific product for it or use a solution of bicarbonate with vinegar that we will pour over the drain.

We leave this mixture as long as necessary until we see that it is acting on that plug that has formed in the sink and that prevents the passage of water. Once ready, add boiling water to completely remove the odd bit of stubborn dirt.

If, despite everything, that jam persists, you will have no choice but to disassemble the siphon to remove and clean this plug causing the problem.