Is your pet constipated?

Animals are just as exposed as humans to various diseases. A dog can «cool down» and catch a constipated for various reasons. The cold of winter, sudden changes in temperature, drafts just after bathing … are common reasons why your dog can get a cold. As a general rule, it will not be more serious, but that will not prevent your pet from feeling fatal and requiring minimal care.

The Council of Veterinary Colleges of Catalonia remember the importance of do not confuse a mild constipation with other diseases as the «canine flu», also known as kennel cough, a disease associated with the virus Bordetella Bronchiseptica, that would require a specific treatment. In addition, the Council insists on the need to identify cold symptoms in dogs, to provide them with the essential care that prevents complications or more serious diseases such as bronchopneumonia.

How do you know if your dog has a cold?

They do not speak, but a little observation is enough to detect it. In reality, the symptoms are very similar to those of a human cold. The dog is not feeling well and is listless, lethargic, with a lack of appetite … it may even have a few tenths of feverTherefore, it is normal for him to curl up in his favorite corner and not have the slightest interest in playing or eating.

If your pet also, sneeze or cough most likely he has a cold. You must pay attention to if it presents abnormal nasal discharge. He has snot, just like you do in these cases, but since he can’t blow himself, what he does is lick their own nose more often. Sometimes the constipated pet may also present watery eyes and it is not strange that I have a certain difficulty breathing (something you should pay close attention to in case you notice aggravation in the form of really serious difficulty or the presence of «whistles»).

Regarding basic care, it is important that your dog stays well hydrated, so you must ensure that it does not lack clean and fresh water at all times. You have to watch that he ingests a minimum of water, because if not, you will have to take him to the vet. On the other hand, you need to remember that you should not give him any of the medications that you take when you are constipated (paracetamol, ibuprofen …) you could cause intoxication.

The rest is simple. Like any constipated “being”, you need rest, to be in a warm and comfortable environment, some moist food (better corned beef) that will be easier to take and, of course, some extra pampering. Your «flu» should disappear in a maximum of four or five days.