Is your dream to live on a boat? Know all the requirements

It is possible that in the face of retirement some people consider change your life or try new ways of living or even fulfill a dream that they have put aside because of responsibilities. Among these, you may have once had the desire to live in a ship, and now you want to take the step. But, is it possible to establish a residence in this type of construction?

Notify the authorities

The answer is yes and there are also many people who do it without problems. Is something possible either sailing or owning a boat docked. This is something legal, since in fact the people who work in this medium spend long periods of time in it and they are considered to be their homes.

Now, if the boat is permanently in a port and that is where we are going to decide to establish our home permanently, it is necessary comply with legal requirements. It also implies a series of costs that we will have to evaluate.

The first step is to go to the administrative authorities of the city where we are going to settle and indicate what our new home will be. Sometimes there are port areas that have limitations, so we must inform ourselves of them in advance. At the same time, they may require minimum security guarantees of the boat so that it can effectively be used as a home, and some economic conditions to meet expenses in the event of a problem related to this means of transport.

The gilthead was the ship from one of the mythical series (bigstock)

Maintenance and taxes

Then you have to take into account the maintenance costs that implies living in a place with these characteristics. Normally, they are not the same as those of a conventional home, that is, they are usually smaller, but we must also consider them. At the same time, do not forget that it will be necessary pay a docking fee and a series of taxes and fees.

Experts say that the best ships to live are sailboats, In whose interior there are more comfortable and well-conditioned spaces, but this is already a matter of taste or whether we already have a boat.

We must make sure that the boat has everything well prepared to be able to live in good conditions, although at the same time we must be aware that the comfort is not the same as what a conventional floor can offer.