Is it possible to cancel a bank transfer in case of error? Can the money be recovered?

The following situation may not be unfamiliar to you. You want to make a bank transfer via on-line or by phone, for the payment of a purchase or a service, and for this you fill in the data of the amount, the destination account, write the concept and add a security code before confirming said monetary transaction.

Then you realize that you have made a mistake at the time of writing down the figure or in one of the numbers of the checking account where that amount is deposited. What can you do now? You may modify that money transfer and, what is more important, get it back? The answers to all these questions are yes. That is why we will tell you below how you can do it in a simple way.

Is it possible to cancel a bank transfer in case of error?  Can the money be recovered?

What should you do if you have made a mistake in a bank transfer?

First of all, it is important that you know that you cannot cancel this operation when it has been made effective, but you can achieve that they will refund the amount. However, if it has not yet been confirmed and your execution still pending (that is, the money is not in the final account), it can be canceled without further inconvenience.

Therefore, if you have noticed the error in time, it is not difficult to correct it. Another thing is if several days have passed. In this case, everything will depend on the good faith of the person or entity that has received the balance or from a judicial authority if you decide to file a legal claim.

So, in this first circumstance, you can always call the bank immediately (if it is still open or do it by means of an emergency telephone number in these cases) and ask them to modify the banking operation. To do this, the safest thing is that they will ask you for information such as the full name, the beneficiary’s country of residence, the account number or the amount. They will fix it for you at the moment, but it is good that you know that in some companies you they can charge a commission for this action, which does not usually exceed 30 euros.

If you have the contact details of the account holder to which the amount has gone, you can call them directly or try to make their response receptive to resolve the confusion.

On the contrary, if you have been aware of this confusion after several days, when that transfer has already been made effective, you should also contact your bank advisor. He will be the one in charge of communicating with the recipient of said amount to explain what happened. In this case, you may accept that return or not. If the latter happens, you only have to go to court to prove the error.

And it is that according to the Penal Code of our country, if one receives or finds money, that exceed 400 euros, which does not belong to him and uses it for his own benefit, he will be punished with a fine of three to six months.

Is it possible to cancel a bank transfer in case of error?  Can the money be recovered?

How long does this type of operation take to take effect?

This is the question that everyone asks himself when he realizes his mistake and already more than 24 hours have passed from the transfer of funds to another person. The first thing you should know is that it is not the same as the transfer is national, within your country, to be done abroad, in which case you can intervene a currency exchange.

Thus, as explained by BBVA (@bbva), when said banking operation is made in euros and both entities are within the European Union, the amount of the transfer will appear at its destination at day after being sentas long as it’s a considerate day skilled, that is to say, neither Saturdays nor Sundays nor holidays. To this you have to add that each bank establishes a deadline to issue that payment, so if you go over it, the process will take one more day to take effect. Something that happens, for example, from the late afternoon of a working day.

If, on the contrary, this movement of money is made between accounts of the same bank, in most cases the transfer appears as made and received in the next minutes or hours.

Finally, for accounts located in different countries and with a different currency, a period of about four days maximum, counting from the receipt of the payment order. Although this also depends on the bank.