Is it necessary to bathe a cat? In some cases it is not so easy

It is important demystify popular belief that all cats, by nature, hate water. There is everything and as the Illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Valencia points out (@ICOVValencia), a cat that has been used to since puppy bathing every so often you will probably enjoy the experience.

The opposite case could be to adopt a cat and, when you get home, your first intention is to take it directly to the bathtub. Do not do it, because the situation could turn out to be dangerous. The cat has to accept the bath willingly (so so). If it is an adult animal that is completely unaware of what you intend to do with that water that it only uses for drinking, you will feel fear, may be cornered and will do everything possible to flee, distributing scratches if necessary.

How do you bathe a cat?

Anyone who has a cat for a pet knows that they are animals with a very different character from dogs. A dog will obey and accept the bath even if it does not like it, but with a cat you should have some patience to «convince» him that the water is not going to hurt him. Everything is easier with a kitten of two or three months that you will surely be curious to know what you are up against. Take advantage and approach the water as a game, little by little he will gain confidence. With an adult cat the process is similar. The only difference is that it will take you a little longer.

Bathing the cat

For the first attempts to go well, there are a number of important details indicated by veterinarians:

  • Make sure the animal feel comfortable. To achieve this, it is a good idea to put a towel at the bottom of the bathtub, sink or place where you bathe it (you have accessories, such as a bathtub, for cats). A) Yes you will prevent it from slipping and get nervous.
  • The water must be temperate and you will have to apply it with the shower or with a saucepan, always little by little, starting with its legs and continuing with the spine.
  • Always use specific products for cats. Only in this way will you protect their fur and, most importantly, their skin. Apply the shampoo gently, as if you were stroking him. You will like it.
  • Try do not over-wet the head. They don’t feel too good for them, and you should also avoid getting water in their ears.
  • The bathroom should be short, just a few minutes, and you must dry your pet thoroughly so it doesn’t get cold.

Regarding the frequency of bathing, it must be emphasized that cats spend hours each day grooming, so it is not necessary to overdo it. The bath will depend on the state of the animal, the temperatures (more in summer) and the breed (short or long hair) but, in general, bathing him once every two months is more than enoughAlthough that will have to be decided by you taking into account the advice of the veterinarian.