Is it mandatory to register my property in the Registry?

The Property registration gives secure information on all the farms that are registered and attests that only you are the owner of yours. But registering your property in the Registry is voluntary: no citizen is obliged to register their property. However, from the College of Registrars of Spain (@Registrar_en) claim that not doing so “is dangerous because you can lose it.”

Real estate is the set of goods that are attached to the ground. For example, houses, buildings, fields, and orchards. The Property Registry, which depends on the Ministry of Justice, serves to protect people who buy, sell and inherit properties, since it registers the rights that people have over these real estate and protects them according to the law.

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These are the benefits of registering a property:

–Ensure who is the owner of a property: the owner has all the rights to his property.

–Know secure information on all properties: the law ensures that the information in the Registry is true and accurate.

–Ensure that no one can deceive you and act badly with your property: registering a property ensures its protection.

–It is public information: citizens can access information on registered properties.

All citizens who have a legitimate interest can request information from the Registry. For example, if you want to buy a house, you can request information in the Registry to find out if its owners have debts. This way you ensure that you buy a property without debt. Logically, you have a legitimate interest (you act in good faith) in knowing the information.

The person in charge of giving this information is the registrar, who is the one who decides who to give information to and who not. When the registrar signs a document, he assures that it is true (he gives public faith of it).

How to request information from the Registry

We can request information in person or through the Internet:

–In person in an office: in all cities and in many towns in Spain there is a Registry office. In this web link you can consult the Registry office closest to your home.

-Through the website With digital documents, you can do things safely online.

Also on the phone 912 701 699 we can request information on what are the procedures that we can do in the Property Registry.