Is it better to sleep alone or with someone?

Each person is a world to sleep on. There are those who prefer to sleep alone, others accompanied, uncovered, with a pillow between their legs, with the TV, with a light, etc. But what is better, sleeping alone or with someone? In this article we are going to try to clarify what the scientists indicate, although we have already told you that the best option will be the one that makes each one of us rest properly.

Our way of resting evolves over the years

Our way of sleeping evolves throughout our lives. When we are babies we sleep in the same room as our parents, then we try to sneak into their bed for a while, until finally we sleep alone in our room.

When we are adults, if we have a partner, at first we sleep together, but it is true that, over the years, many couples prefer to have their own rest space and end up, again, in separate beds sleeping alone as when they were children.

However, scientists have studied the pros and cons of sleeping alone or with someone:

Sleep alone

When sleeping alone we have our own space to rest, something that favors sleep on many occasions, since we can move freely.

Those who suffer from light sleepers also prefer to do it alone since they do not wake up for movements or sounds of the companion such as snoring.

Likewise, when sleeping alone we can adapt the pillow and sheets to our whim in case of cold or heat, without having to consult it.

The same happens when choosing a mattress. They generally exist differences in preferences in terms of convenience and comfort.

Therefore, those people who suffer from Insomnia problems or sleep disturbances caused by sleeping with a partner may try to sleep alone, since the important thing is to achieve a good quality of the soil.

If you do not want to go to another room, you can always choose two joined but single beds or a large bed.

Is it better to sleep alone or with someone?  Benefits of sleeping with your partner Photo: bigstock

Sleep accompanied

Although there are people for whom sleeping with others can be a torture for their rest, there are other people who prefer it for many other advantages and, in this sense, scientists point out: sleeping with others is more beneficial for health.

According to a study of women, those who slept with others took less time to fall asleep and woke up less frequently during the night.

This is because sleeping with others gives us security and peace of mind by reducing the stress hormone (cortisol) and increasing the production of oxytocin, favoring all this to our rest.

Importance of sleeping well

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation, sleeping well influences our physical and emotional well-being. In this sense, it increases our creativity, improves memory, protects our heart, strengthens our immune system and reduces depression and anxiety, among other benefits.

Therefore, be it as it may, choose the option of the best rest.