Infallible tricks to make your socks white again

One of the joys of being at home is taking off your shoes and putting on your slippers, flip-flops or, if you hurry me, walking with bare feet, but the latter is very comfortable. has the disadvantage that it leaves black socksNo matter how clean the floor looks, they act like a mop that collects all the dust and with time and washes lose their white color, yellow and stains appear that do not disappear no matter how long they are put on.

The easiest thing is to throw them away, but both your pocket and nature would end up suffering, every little gesture helps. For this reason, if you do not want to do without the pleasure of walking with bare feet, I propose three methods to whiten the “blackest” socks in a natural way and taking care of the environment.

In addition to the dirt that accumulates in the socks, it is also the piece of our daily clothing that collects the most bad smell since being inside the shoes or sports shoes they collect all the moisture that our feet expel and, due to the conditions of darkness in which it is, increases the formation of bacteria that feed on dead cells.

Tricks to make your socks truly white

First option

  • You will need 2 tablespoons of salt and a liter of water.

In a bucket we will put the warm water and salt, we will submerge the socks and let it soak for about 10 minutes. For a stronger effect, add a few drops of laundry detergent. Rub the socks and rinse with cold water.

Second option

  • You will need half a glass of lemon juice and a liter of warm water.

The way to proceed is similar to the previous one. In a bucket we will place the warm water, the socks and the lemon juice. We will leave soak for about 45 minutes. We will rinse and hang in the sun. Lemon and sun, in addition to whitening, will perfectly eliminate bacteria.

Third option

  • For this method we will need two tablespoons of bicarbonate of partner and half a lemon.

We will moisten the socks and place the bicarbonate and lemon on the stains. We will rub gently, let it act for about 10 minutes. Then we will rinse and dry.

These three simple and eco-friendly methods will leave your socks without a trace of stains and will restore the white color to those yellowish socks.