Infallible tricks to eliminate cat or dog hair at home

Living with an animal, be it a dog or a cat, involves a series of obligations and even inconveniences for its owners, although without a doubt, all possible problems are more than outweighed by the benefits of having them. One of the drawbacks associated with having a dog or cat at home is the presence of hair everywhere, especially in times of shedding. Removing animal hair can be a real battle when it comes to cleaning and, in addition, its accumulation can cause allergy problems in some people. Let’s see then some tricks that can help us to end or at least mitigate the presence of animal hair in our home.

Microfiber gloves and cloths

Tricks to remove cat or dog hair at home

We can easily collect the hair by putting on a rubber scrubbing glove, wetting it with water and passing it over the surface to be cleaned. What we cause is that the static electricity of the hairs is reduced and that they remain stuck to the glove. This system is especially suitable for use on upholstered furniture.

A similar effect that we can achieve with the rubber glove with microfiber cloths that are indicated for cleaning smooth surfaces where hair may be trapped, and damp sponges that also allow to easily detach hairs from furniture and clothing. In addition, the porous material of the latter favors the collection of hair and dust.

In the case of rugs, we can use window cleaning rackets. We just have to pass them over as if it were a mop. And to improve the result, it is advisable, before passing the racket, to spray the carpet with a mixture of fabric softener and water using a sprayer. In this way we manage to soften the fibers of the hairs and make them come out more easily from the tissues when they are swept or picked up by hand.

Cold air dryer

Tricks to remove cat or dog hair at home

We can also use the dryer to remove animal hair from carpets, sofas and armchairs. We must use the option of cold air and at maximum power so that the fibers are sealed, avoiding the generation of static electricity in order to remove them more easily.

Scotch tape

Tricks to remove cat or dog hair at home

For not very large areas, rolls of adhesive tape for clothing are also useful to collect animal hair. And if we don’t have one, we can use conventional electrical tape.


  • Much better to vacuum than to sweep. There are models of vacuum cleaners with specific tools to more easily collect pet hair. And yes, we are also going to sweep, that is with a rubber broom for a better collection of hair and lint.
  • When doing the laundry, a trick is to put a sponge in the drum with the rest of the clothes so that it catches the hair attached to clothing. In addition, there are special bags for when we wash our animal’s utensils (blankets, collars, towels, etc.) in the washing machine. These bags act as filters and leave the washing machine and whatever you wash completely hair-free.
  • And of course, you have to brush your dog or cat often because it is better to do it than to have to collect the hair all over the house.
Tricks to remove cat or dog hair at home