Infallible tricks so that the stockings do not break

Currently there are stockings or pantyhose of all colors, thicknesses and, therefore, for all tastes. They protect our legs in winter and, in addition, they also fulfill an aesthetic function to complete the rest of the clothes we wear. Therefore, it can be a real nuisance when famous careers are broken or formed that make them useless. Perhaps, that this happens in the long run, it is practically impossible to avoid, but it is in our hands, following a series of tips that last as long as possible. Let’s see what they are:

To the freezer

It is one of the most recommended tricks to extend the life of the stockings and we must carry it out before releasing them. First we wet the stockings, put them in a freezer bag and store them in the freezer. We will leave them there for a couple of hours before taking them out. Then we have to rinse them with warm water and put them to dry (but not in the sun). This method makes any stocking or pantyhose much more resistant.

Reinforced seams

When buying pantyhose it is advisable to look those that have reinforced seams on the fingers and crotch, which means that in these areas there are two layers of seam so they are more resistant. Another option to reinforce our stockings is to apply lacquer on the heels and toes to make the small mesh hard, rigid and, therefore, more difficult to break.

Tricks so that the stockings do not break

When it comes to putting on our stockings

The time when we get dressed is probably when there is most danger of our stockings being damaged by one more pull, a broken nail that catches, etc. So It is advisable to pay attention when putting on the stockings and follow these tips:

  • Do it with gloves to prevent a hangnail, a broken nail or a ring from causing the unwanted breakage or snag.
  • It is also advisable that legs are well hydrated because this way it is much easier to raise the socks. Of course, we must allow time for the skin to absorb the cream because if not, the pantyhose will stay glued and we will obtain the opposite result to the one we were looking for.
  • In addition, there are also those who advise, if the type of footwear allows it, wear thin socks underneath of the stockings so that they are more protected.
  • And of course, do not jerk if we notice that they are not well placed. So all we can do is stretch the fibers, which will give way to racing. Better to be patient and raise them correctly from the bottom and gently.
Tricks so that the stockings do not break

And when it comes to washing them

It is best to wash them by hand but if we opt for the washing machine it is preferable put them in a bag to separate them from the rest of the laundry. Thus, we prevent them from getting caught with buttons, zippers or other elements. Once washed, we must hang them, but not in the sun so as not to damage the fabric, which would make it less resistant.