In which supermarkets can you buy fish with the sustainable fishing seal?

Environmental awareness is growing in everything that surrounds us. Human beings have realized that we must take care of the world we have if we do not want catastrophes to happen in the coming decades. In the day to day there are many actions that can be carried out to put grains of sand that make possible a sustainable development. Some of them take into account the food sector.

Deciding what we eat, how we eat it and how we choose it is in our hands. Hence, initiatives such as #SeaForAlways from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are interesting since they support the sustainable fishing. And it is that up to 20% of fishing in the world is illegal, according to data from the United Nations (UN), which negatively affects the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, 33% of the world’s fish stocks are over-exploited.

What is Sustainable Fishing?

The aforementioned non-profit organization considers that “fishing must be carried out at a level that allow its continuity indefinitely ”. To this he adds that “fishing operations must be carried out with care, so that other species and habitats within the ecosystem remain in good condition.” For this reason, “MSC certified fisheries must comply with the relevant regulations and be capable of adapt to changing environmental circumstances”.

The Marine Stewardship Council has also created a Chain of Custody Standard which aims to ensure the traceability of products from sustainable fisheries with MSC certification, thus ensuring that they have been separated from products without certification.

In which supermarkets can you buy fish with the sustainable fishing label?


Through this communication campaign, the organization seeks promote knowledge on sustainable fishing, demonstrate the environmental, economic and social benefits of the program, increase the recognition of the MSC blue seal in Spain and build a collaborative network to achieve the maximum impact of the messages.

And for this it has awarded the initiatives in sustainable fishing of companies and public institutions, which brings us to the subject of this article, since the award “Leading Supermarket in Sustainable Fishing MSC” has gone to Lidl Spain (@lidlespana), in whose establishments it is possible to buy this type of product. Thus, the German chain is one of the supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants and shops where it is possible to access the more than 900 seafood products that have the MSC seal.

Supermarkets where to buy sustainable fishing

The MSC has on its list several supermarkets where it is possible to buy sustainable fish in Spain:

  • Lidl. These supermarkets are working to promote sustainable fish and 50% of its products derived from the sea they already have the aforementioned certification. Another figure that has made Lidl worthy of the award is that in the last year it has acquired 35,000 tons of fish in Spain valued at 275 million euros, allocating more than 40% to export. “Lidl is the first in Spain to collaborate with MSC and has been betting on the blue seal for more than 10 years,” they point out from this supermarket.
  • Aldi (@Aldi_es). “We make a Sustainable management of our own brand fish products from wild fisheries throughout the supply and production chain and we identify with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) blue seal the products that come from certified sustainable fishing ”, they explain in these supermarkets where they also work with the ASC seal, which ensures that aquaculture practices are environmentally and socially responsible.
In which supermarkets can you buy fish with the sustainable fishing label?
  • To field (@to field). This chain of hypermarkets has withdrawn from sale endangered species to promote your recovery. In addition, it has been proposed to bet on sustainable aquaculture, as well as to ensure that canned tuna of its own brand have the certificate Dolphin safe. It has also introduced references certified with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) seal, ending the previous year with 12 in frozen and semi-preserved.
  • Carrefour (@CarrefourES). The hypermarkets of this chain aim to sell one in two fish from sustainable sources this year 2020.
  • El Corte Inglés and Hipercor (@The English Court). “Since 2011, we have a sustainable fishing policy. We have for sale products that hold the certificate of sustainable fishing MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and that of sustainable aquaculture (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). Our goal is for fisheries to be sustainable to guarantee life and the future of the oceans ”, they explain in this company, which signed in 2018 a framework agreement with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) by which it pledged to continue implementing sustainability projects that favor biodiversity in the seas and in other productive sectors.
  • Eroski (@EROSKI). In 2018, Eroski passed the GLOBAL GAP certified aquaculture chain of custody audit, which certifies that the species for sale in its fishmongers and from this type of farming have been produced safely and sustainably. Likewise, in 2016 it passed the Marine Stewardship Council audit to market fresh fish from sustainable fisheries.