In which countries you can not use WhatsApp or social networks

When we travel abroad we are aware that many times we are not going to enjoy the same privileges that we have in our country. One of them is the use of new technologies, which in certain regions they do not enjoy the same freedoms and sometimes have restrictions, above all, regarding the use of WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) or from social networks. In some countries they are blocked so that their citizens cannot use them.


WhatsApp in China is not used, instead the millions of its inhabitants use another application Wechat. However, this instant messaging service can be used without problems. As for social media today, the Chinese cannot access Facebook (@Facebook), Twitter, YouTube (@YouTubeEspanol) or Instragram, among others.


In this country there have been different positions regarding these forms of communication and that is why have sometimes tried to block some of them, specifically Facebook, and also YouTube. What is done at present is a control of its users by the government, with the intention of preventing them from occurring. comments or content contrary to the government. In this country, like app Zalo instant messaging is used.

North Korea

In North Korea the restriction of internet use is one of the strongest. Most sites are censored and this medium is used mainly by the government and the military. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube are officially prohibited.

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There are also many censored pages here including social media and there are technical difficulties to use the internet well. WhatsApp can be used, but due to restrictions there may be difficulties. Here it is usually used more Telegram.

Other countries

In pakistan YouTube is blocked. In Syria, For political reasons, there is enormous control over the internet, the use of social media in general, and instant messaging services. In Eritrea, the access to the network by the population is scarce, and most of the sites are blocked. In Cuba, there may be problems with Twitter or Google.

What can be done?

If you want to be safe and use the internet without problems in these countries with various restrictions, then you have to resort to a VPN, that is, a virtual private network, a Virtual Private Network. It is a service that performs the connection to the internet through servers distributed in the world where there is no censorship.

There are some VPNs that are free, but they usually don’t work well. That is why it is advisable to hire a paid one, since they offer you choose a limited time of use, for a month for example, for a price that ranges between seven and twelve euros.