If you want to install an awning at home, these are the recommendations to take into account

In summer you have to look for the most successful solutions to protect your home from the heat. And one of those remedies is install awnings in those windows or terraces more exposed to solar radiation.

Thus, thanks to these metallic structures covered with a canvas we can minimize the impact of that heat on our home. In this way, we will not only gain comfort on days when temperatures skyrocket, but we will also reduce spending on air conditioning.

Types of awning, fabrics, prices …

The world of the awning is very wide. Thus, we must decide on the type of structure we want for our house: with fixed arms (the most common), articulated or without arms (more suitable to protect interior patios from the sun). To this we must add the most suitable fabric in each case. Thus, the most widely used fabrics are polyester (cheaper, but with worse resistance), acrylic fiber (it filters 80% of UV rays but is not very suitable in case of rain) or micro-perforated, highly recommended for terraces since it is capable of filtering almost all of that radiation with extensive guarantees of durability and resistance.

The last step is to specify the opening and closing of the awning. We can opt for the classic manual system of a lifetime or, much more comfortable for the elderly, choose a monitored system to do that function automatically.

Depending on our choice in all these factors, we must have one budget or another; but think that the price including the installation, will be around 600 euros approximately.

If you want to install an awning at home, these are the recommendations to take into account

Recommendations before installing an awning

Before having a professional come to your home to assemble the awning, it is important that you do not leave some important questions about its placement to chance. Thus, if you live in a community of neighbors, it is necessary to request prior permission since it involves a alteration of the exterior appearance of the building in which you all live. Also if your house is in a building listed as historic. Also, ask at your town hall if you need any kind of special license to do this work.

Solved the bureaucratic problems, you should not forget to correctly measure the length of that gap that you want to provide shade and take into account its inclination and its extension once it is fully open. All of them important issues to ensure a correct and safe fixation of the same. This way we will avoid disasters such as a fall due to the wind, for example.

Once installed, this is the maintenance you need

When we have our awning perfectly positioned, it is best to invest time in its maintenance to extend its useful life:

  • If it is not being used (for example, during winter or in case of rain, snow or wind) it is best to collect it. And when we do, better dry so that it does not accumulate moisture and mold may appear.
  • Every so often, cleaning it with a neutral soap and a brush does not hurt; In addition to checking the opening mechanism, especially if it is manual, so that it does not rust.