If you like recycling, create furniture with pallets

Until a few years ago, pallets were used, almost exclusively, for the transport and storage of goods, but now you have Business dedicated to its recycling and use. If you want, you can also take advantage of them by using them to make furniture and decoration accessories. It is an entertaining activity, which promotes active aging, with which you can give shape to ideas that are as simple as they are beautiful.

You have stores where you can already find the previously treated pallets so that you only have to do the assembly of your furniture but, with a little skill, you can take care of the preparation of the wood yourself. To do so, some basic tips given by professionals in the sector are:

  • An already used pallet requires a good cleaning before introducing it into your home in the form of a piece of furniture (especially if you recover one that you find on the street).
  • To avoid any accident, the first thing you should do is check the general condition of the wood, removing any nails, staples or metallic elements that you can find. The next step is to clean it with a specific product that eliminates fungi or bacteria without damaging the planks.
  • Once dry, proceed to sand the pallets and apply a transparent primer to seal pores and leave the wood ready for further treatment. Finally, you just need to give it a coat of varnish, if you want a natural finish for your furniture, or paint it in the color you prefer.

What can you do with wooden pallets?

These simple elements offer as many possibilities as you can have ideas. Simply well treated and painted as you like, they are a perfect headboard for the bed of any bedroom. You just need to firmly adhere them to the wall. In the same way, joining several pallets, you can have a great base where to place a mattress.

If you dare with something more complex, remember that you have the possibility of dividing each piece into two or three with the help of a saw. Thus, it will be very easy to obtain practical shelves that you can hang in a few minutes wherever you want. With a little ingenuity, you can also have the perfect support for a vertical garden, taking advantage of the spaces created by the pallet itself to place your pots.

If you are into DIY and you already have some command of how to work with wood, you can make more elaborate furniture. Two or three pallets attached to which you incorporate a glass in the upper area and wheels in the lower area, are a low table ideal to decorate and give your personal touch to a terrace or porch.

These are just a few ideas, because with pallets you can make almost any idea you can think of to have the most original and «ecological» furniture and accessories.