If you are going to paint your house, these colors will be a trend in 2020

The days off in summer are not only to rest or travel. Many take the opportunity to make small reforms in the home in order to release a new face in the fall. Y paint the rooms of the house to give it a new look It is one of those arrangements, because as you well know, there is nothing that better shows a new face for our home than a new coat of paint (be it the same color or a new one).

For tastes, colors, it has always been said, and in the case of home decoration it is true. You may not want to leave the classic white of the walls, which is always in fashion and gives it an almost unmatched cleanliness and luminosity, but if you want to cheer up with a little color, these are some of the tones that will set the decorative trends for new Year. We do not say it, but the decoration specialists.

Minimalist style versus colors with personality

In recent years the nordic style in home decoration, where the minimalism in the furniture and details and the colors white and gray are the true protagonists of those houses. Tones that will continue to rise in 2020. And it is that opting for these colors will give visual amplitude and luminosity to these rooms. They are undoubtedly one of those bets that are always present in any decoration catalog and that are essential in small homes where it is necessary to provide more light.

And halfway between both tones, the beige, ideal for those who do not want to draw attention to their walls, but who want to add an elegant and cozy tone to the different rooms of the home. In this sense, it should be noted that there are numerous decorative items that play with the range of colors around beige, which helps to create your own style in which you will feel very comfortable.

If you are going to paint your house, these colors will be a trend in 2020

On the contrary, those who do not fear that these rooms take on originality, the star tones of what comes in decoration go through colors such as cobalt blue, olive green or mustard. It is also not necessary that the four walls of your bedroom have those colors, but you can paint only the headboard or some details such as moldings or a column.

All of them are characterized by being colors that they attract a lot of attention but they are not strident to the eye. By choosing them, you will give a lot of personality to the room in which you use them. And as a recommendation, we can tell you that although a room can be painted in mustard (as long as it is not very large like a living room), if you opt for cobalt blue, perhaps you will contribute too dark. If that is what you want, go ahead, but as we have indicated, you can play with other shades or even with other colors that «marry» perfectly with such a tone.

What colors give us

And it is that the choice of the colors of our home no longer only remains in an aesthetic plane, but those colors influence our mood. For example, if you need an injection of energy and vitality, opt for colors like yellow, red or orange. But be careful not to abuse them since you can easily get tired of seeing such striking tones. In fact, they are a good solution to add touches to very monochromatic rooms. If the living room, for example, is painted white, you can choose to give it a touch of orange that you can accompany with decoration in this color. Such a contrast will bring freshness and vitality to a place where you spend a lot of time of your life.

If you are going to paint your house, these colors will be a trend in 2020

For the bedrooms, a light blue tone is ideal as it invites relaxation and the peace. And if you want to join that tonality to what is carried in the year 2020, it will be easy for you to paint three walls in light blue and a fourth in the aforementioned cobalt blue (better the one that you do not have in front of the bed). Of course, remember that light tones have to correspond to the same range as cobalt. Including a light greenish blue will not provide the same harmony, for example.

On the other hand, the more neutral or cold tones such as white make those rooms look bigger than they really are on the surface, giving you a less overwhelming feeling.

If you are going to paint your house, these colors will be a trend in 2020

Tips if you dare to paint your home

If you see yourself with some skill and want to color the walls of your house like a true professional, you can achieve a perfect finish; but it is important that you keep these in mind recommendations:

  • Clear the rooms that you are going to paint furniture. The few items that you can not remove due to their size, do not forget to protect them properly with plastic or old sheets. Also cover doors, frames, windows or switches.
  • The best is move to another home while you paint this other home, both for the sake of practicality and to avoid breathing in that smell.
  • The first thing is to start with the roof and then move on to the walls.
  • Give a first hand, open the windows wide to ventilate that room and wait a few hours for a second coat. If at the end you see that there are some details that have not been as expected, with a small brush you can fix those flaws.