Ideas to make Christmas centerpieces and show off on Facebook and Instagram

Surely you are already thinking about how you are going to decorate the table for this Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner. Well, before you start buying things without thinking, we are going to try to give you some simple ideas, as well as some tips so that you do not run out of space to eat.

The first thing to keep in mind is that as in almost everything in life: less is more. That is, do not go overboard with everything. Choose between flowers, candles, lights, ornaments … but not all together, since otherwise you will not have room for the most important thing, eating.

Also, keep another tip in mind, guests need to have eye contact so they can talk. Surely on some occasion you have been to an event such as a wedding with impossible centerpieces, well, none of that. In simplicity is elegance.

As for the colors, we opted for gold or earth colors, among which we would include white, green or red, although for taste, colors.

How can I prepare a Christmas centerpiece?  Photo: bigstock

Winter flowers and plants

A centerpiece doesn’t have to be expensive. In the event that you have chosen to add flowers or plants to your centerpiece, you can either buy artificial ones, or take a walk in the countryside, where you will surely find beautiful flowers typical of this time of year such as eucalyptus trees. , holly, fir, mistletoes, poinsettias, hydrangeas or pampas herbs, among many other precious ones. You can try to dry them beforehand or preserve them, whose results are spectacular.

To give some light, you can intertwine lights. Try putting out some candles, or try a string of battery-operated lights without the need for a plug on hand.

In the case of plants, it is important that you keep one thing in mind and that is the smell. Try not to use very aromatic plants or flowers since otherwise you could confuse the smells of your dishes and the result will not be very good.

How can I prepare a Christmas centerpiece?  Photo: bigstock

Decorative objects

If you prefer to put decorative objects you can play to create centers with natural pineapples. You can paint them in gold, red or white or put them in their natural color.

Also another option would be to play with balls. Try putting a plate with balls of a color to match the tablecloth and insert a small branch of pine or fir.

The stars can also be very funny in even, if they are big you can use them to put on top a small vase with a candle or similar.

Small tree trunks, branches or corks give a very warm and cozy winter look that, if we alternate it with mistletoe branches, can give a most Christmas look.

Are you good at crafts? Try making small Christmas trees to put in the center of the table. Something simple and very beautiful.

You can also try fruits or foods typical of this time of year such as natural pineapples, pumpkins, chestnuts or walnuts.

How can I prepare a Christmas centerpiece?  Photo: bigstock


There are many ways to light the table, from garlands of light bulbs to candles.

If you choose this second option, you have a thousand and one possibilities. In addition to the classic chandeliers, which you can place at different heights to give movement to the table, you can make beautiful centers with jars or vases by introducing candles.

Likewise, you can put golden plates or natural bases like a cork on which you can put candles of different heights surrounded by a bow or with some flowers or Christmas plants.

Without a doubt, a whole range of options to give color and joy to your Christmas meals.

How can I prepare a Christmas centerpiece?  Photo: bigstock