Ideas to hide all the cables in the house

Cables to plug in the television, the router connection, the digital platform, the telephone…. Although there are electronic devices that are innovating in that of making cables disappear like cordless vacuum cleaners, there are others that still need a cable to work properly. If you are one of those who despairs with so much cable accumulating dust, take note with these tips to hide them so that none are seen.

Cables can be not only unsightly but also dangerous. Therefore, it is important that we always keep them in order and hidden.

Tricks to hide all the cables in the house Photo: Bigstock

Integrated spaces in the furniture

In the market there are a multitude of television furniture or desks that already have a drawer or space to hide all cables and that they are not seen.

If not, you can always do a custom furniture where you have a place to store and hide the cables.

Specific accessories

If there are some cables like chargers or network cables that you should have on hand for easy on or off, there are some specific accessories to hold the cables and keep them in order instead of having them lying on the table or floor.

In addition to these accessories, you can try make your own cable ties with the help of decorative objects, either fun or in line with your decoration.

Magazine rack

You can take advantage of a nice magazine rack to put all the cables in it and take them out only from one side. In this way, you will avoid that they are all on the ground and in sight.

Likewise, you can make a magazine rack yourself with fabric and attach it to the furniture as a complement for the cables.


One of the easiest ways to store cables is in boxes. You can use anything from a shoe box to a nice wooden box. Either way, you can keep all the cables neatly organized by sorting them by compartments.

Basket case

The baskets are also very useful to hide all the cables. We can put a basket on the floor next to or under the furniture where we have all the devices.

Remember that, depending on the option you choose, You will have to make the odd hole, either in the furniture, if it does not bring it, or in the box or basket where you are going to store the cables so that they can all pass correctly and through the same place to achieve maximum order.

Exposed cables?

If you have some cables that do or do have to be seen because they are lamps or you have the device far from the plug point, you can let your imagination and creativity fly. lining them with different decorative materials such as stickers, wooden balls, esparto grass, rope, raffia or macramé, among many other ideas.