Ideas to celebrate your golden wedding

50 years together! Half a century sharing sorrows, joys, good and bad news and, finally, all kinds of vicissitudes that we encounter along the way of our lives and that we have been lucky enough to live with someone. He or she has always been there, for the good and for the bad. It is an anniversary that without a doubt deserves a celebration. How? It is something that depends on each couple, it can be done intimately, just the two of them, or with family and friends, and even in both ways.

The closest ones

If you both want other people to participate in this anniversary, the ideal is to invite your circle of closest friends and relatives. In the event that the list overflows, you can set a limit of 50 guests, thus making one more reference to the reason for the celebration.


The place chosen depends on the budget you have. There are halls specialized in this type of event, which prepare everything for the occasion with golden ornaments, and taking care of the smallest detail. Otherwise, if you have space at home, it is another good alternative. To prepare everything, you can always count on the help of a family member or friend, who are surely delighted to collaborate.

The outdoor spaces for this type of meeting look a lot, so if we have garden may be a good idea use it for this purpose. Or else look for a restaurant that has gardens for such purposes.

Votes renovation

Vow renewal is a part of the ceremony in which each member of the couple does a little thank you speech towards each other for all the years they have been together. Sometimes someone is chosen to officiate, but it is not strictly necessary. Sometimes they are acquired new gold rings with the date of the fiftieth anniversary, but this is something that depends on each marriage.

Wardrobe and souvenirs

There is no protocol regarding the costumes chosen to celebrate the Golden Anniversary. The most nostalgic may recover some detail used in the wedding, if they are preserved. But there are no rules. She can choose white again and he can choose a suit. This will always be a personal decision.

To immortalize the event we can hire a team to take pictures and even a video report so that the act remains in the memory forever.

Only the two

Celebrating the golden anniversary of the two of you alone is another alternative. You can find a special restaurant, may it bring you good memories, or indulge yourself by going to a new one. The choice is personal. And, if not, with much more privacy, prepare a romantic dinner at home.