I have low water pressure in the shower, what can I do?

Water pressure refers to the force with which it comes out the moment we open the stopcock. Especially in old floors, it is normal that, due to the passage of time, the pipes have obstructions and we can notice how the water begins to come out with less intensity. Not surprisingly, it is important to pay attention to the water pressure, as it can be the consequence of a much larger problem.

Clean the artichoke

Many times we tend to overlook its cleaning, however, it depends on it that the water can flow out with total freedom. As a result of lime, it is common for the holes in the artichoke to have small obstructions. A hard barbed toothbrush or a scouring pad could be more than enough to remove any particles that may be preventing the proper functioning of our artichoke.

Check that the shower hose does not present any leaks

The shower hose It is usually responsible for not having enough pressure to be able to use it calmly. Its convenient that let’s periodically review its status, any minimal leak will cause us inconvenience when it comes to using it.

In case you notice how water is leaking from somewhere in the hose, change it immediately. You will immediately see that the water flows normally.

Water fogger

Water foggers are small accessories that are installed next to the shower head very easily. Its function is to mix the water with small amounts of air, so that it can come out with much more force and in a more direct way. It is one of the accessories most used in kitchen taps, for example, but They also have their application in the shower.

How long have you not checked the pipes?

It is advisable that, especially in old floors, you ask a professional for help to review the state of the pipes. It is possible that there is a fault that is causing this loss of pressure. There is also the possibility of installing larger diameter pipes, in certain cases, which will help to be able to distribute a greater quantity of water.