Hydration packs for sports: how they work and advice for their purchase

On several occasions, we have alluded to the importance of accompanying sports practice with adequate nutrition and, above all, with correct hydration, especially while the exercise is being carried out. physical effort. Therefore, to prevent a person from becoming dehydrated while running, hiking, or pedaling on a bicycle, a special type of supplement was devised. Are the calls hydration packs that accompany the athlete at all times.

What is the function of a hydration pack?

The most striking function is that of offer liquid refreshment to the person who is doing said sports practice. In this way, the bag of water that it incorporates inside is filled and from which a tube that reaches the front part starts. This is how the athlete has easier the be able to drink water without having to stand or remove the backpack from your back.

However, they are not only used to carry water or another type of drink rich in mineral salts, this type of equipment is very versatile thanks to its ample capacity, without weighing or occupying so much that they become a nuisance, to store all kinds of personal belongings, such as keys, telephone or wallet, as well as some food or spare parts if, for example, we are doing a circuit on the bike in the middle of the mountain.

Hydration packs for sports: how they work and advice for their purchase

What should you consider before buying one?

Proven its usefulness when it comes to doing sports and being properly hydrated, now the only thing left to do is decide to buy the one that not only suits the tastes of each one, but rather their own. needs when doing physical exercise.

Thus, among the recommendations that should be taken into account before acquiring one, the first thing to look at is its size and capacity. In this case, if the idea is to use it only to fill the water tank, a small one will be more than enough. Except if more space is required, in which case you can opt for those with a capacity more than 5 liters.

Of course, when choosing one model or another is good also think about the weight that is going to be carried on the back. That is, if it will be comfortable after several hours, for example, doing a hiking route up the mountain.

With this clear premise, the following advice is to opt for the hydration pack that better fit the back from each person. And to get out of doubts, the most advisable thing is to try on several models. It is the only way to know for sure if it does not cause chafing, if the handles can be adjusted comfortably or if it has a closure at chest and waist for greater comfort. Another detail is to see if the shoulder area has any type of lining or padding so it doesn’t irritate the skin on the upper arms.

What if it rains? It may be an element that most do not notice, but it is better to opt for those backpacks that are waterproof in the event that a storm breaks out in the middle of nature. But not only for the rain, since this type of materials make it ideal to absorb even the sweat that the athlete generates with so much effort.

However, you can also choose a model that, without being totally waterproof, have a couple of pockets that they are and where objects that can be damaged such as mobile phones, money or important documentation can be safely stored.

Hydration packs for sports: how they work and advice for their purchase

The best tricks to clean it and keep it in perfect condition

The latest recommendations to buy the best hydration backpack on the market are especially concerned about keeping it in perfect state thanks to proper cleaning. What guidelines must be taken into account in this regard?

  • Do not forget to properly clean this type of accessories, since they have a container that, due to the water they include, can favor the proliferation of all kinds of bacteria once empty and with traces of moisture.
  • It is essential to always have tube and mouthpiece where you drink in good condition, so that there is no bad smells or tastes somewhat unpleasant. Therefore, it is mandatory to clean it after each use, especially if it is filled with isotonic drinks that could leave the odd residue.
  • To follow correct hygiene measures, do not put it in the washing machine or use soap, since it is likely that there may be remains. The best thing to do is to buy special brushes to remove these small elements, as well as special disinfectant tablets.
  • Next, it is important to leave it open and hanging upside down to air and dry. Better not, this is not done in full sun, since the plastic of both the container and the conduit it could go bad.