How you can cancel or modify a medical appointment

Through the phone or online, modifying a medical appointment that you have assigned is very simple, whether it is a consultation with the family doctor or with a specialist, as if you cannot attend a hospital test. Canceling appointments that, for whatever reason, you will not be able to go is important to achieve better functioning of the National Health System (@sanitygob) and, in addition, it is the fastest way to have a new date as soon as possible. How should you do it?

Basic steps to change and cancel health appointments

Fortunately, this is an increasingly affordable procedure, although in certain autonomous communities there are still non-computerized centers where physical presence or a phone call is required to manage any changes related to a medical appointment.

As a general rule, to modify an appointment that you have previously obtained, you must access the website of the Health Service of your Autonomous Community such as, for example, the Madrid Health Service (@HealthMadrid). To do it, no type of digital certificate is necessary. You will only have to provide a series of basic data, such as the number or code of the health card, your date of birth and the number of the DNI or NIE.

Change medical appointment

Once the system records your data, it will allow you to access your folder «Health Appointments» so that you can consult them and make the modifications you deem appropriate, canceling those to which it is impossible for you to go. If you want, on the fly, you can select a new date for the consultation. It should be noted that you have this option regardless of how you got your quote. Even if you have requested it directly and in person at your health center, you can cancel or modify it online.

If using the telephone is more comfortable for you, most health centers have a voice recognition automated appointment service, which not only serves to request a consultation with a certain doctor, it also offers options for cancellation and change, following the instructions indicated in the recording.

In the case of having a appointment with a specialist or be cared for by some hospital testYou can proceed in the same way, consulting your “health appointments” through your computer or smartphone and making the necessary modifications directly. You can also call phone number listed in the appointment request (internal flyer) that your family doctor will have given you and that you must present at the moment in which you definitely go to the consultation.