How wine and dishes should be served on the table

If it has ever happened to you that you have accidentally hit the person who was serving you the wine because you don’t know where it was going to serve you or you have had a meal at home and you didn’t know whether to put the garnish in the center or take it Plated from the kitchen, you should know that there is a protocol for all of this. If you want to surprise your guests or simply be an expert in the field, then we are going to give you some tips.

How to serve the wine?

The celebration of any event is perfect to meet with family or friends and enjoy a good wine. However, we can spoil it if we don’t know how to serve it properly.

Wines should always be brought to the table in vertical position. We will serve them for their color, age and flavor, always from less to more. Regarding the temperature, the reds will oscillate between 16º and 18º, the whites between 7º and 10º, and the rosés between 6º and 8º, approximately.

To the person who has chosen it, we will always present it to them on the right side, allowing you to read its label.

The cork is important. We will remove it without explosions or noise and avoiding drilling it to the end. Therefore, once extracted, we will leave it with our guest on a small plate in case they want to observe it or smell it.

In the case of white or rosé wines, we will place a bucket with water and ice, but without overcooling it so that it does not lose its essence. And always accompanied by a napkin to avoid wetting our guests when serving.

When it comes to serving, we must take the bottle in the middle and never rest the bottle on the glass, but yes, at a close distance. Also, avoid over serving. We should fill the cup to less than half its capacity. And remember, if we change the wine, it is advisable to change the glass.

How to serve wine and dishes Photo: bigstock

How to serve the dishes?

Once the wine is served, it is time for the dishes.

When serving the table there are several ways to do it:

  • English: is when they serve us. In these cases, they will bring us a platter with the food on the left and it will be a waiter or the designated person who will serve us directly from there.
  • French: we serve ourselves. In this method, a waiter or the designated person will also bring us the source which will also present us from the left, but in this case, we will be the ones who serve ourselves directly from the source to our plate. In both the English and French method, own cutlery is never used, but we will use the ones that come at the source.
  • Simple: in this case, the dishes they are prepared and plated in the kitchen and they are served directly finished to the table. They are served from the right. It is one of the most used methods and this is partly due to the care that more and more chefs give to the plate.
  • Russian: It is the service used when you have to flambé, carve or make some special preparation for a dish. In this case, the plate is made up on a table auxiliary and served to the diner.

We hope that with these tips your guests will be speechless.