How, when and where to use mosquito repellent?

In the form of lotion, cream or spray, mosquito repellants are an effective weapon against nasty bites, which can have serious consequences in children and the elderly. Especially if you suffer from an allergy to the bite of some insects, you must take special care and do not hesitate to use repellants to avoid unwanted effects such as itching, inflammation of the area or itching. The Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Pediatric Asthma (@SEICAP) ensures that 3% of the Spanish population suffers from an intense allergic reaction before the bite of a mosquito, so any precaution is little.

How should an anti mosquito be applied and when is its use essential?

The high temperatures they make mosquitoes (or rather “gnats”) more active than ever. If you are also in a place where there is water, more or less stagnant, and humidity (rivers, pools, lakes, reservoirs …) you have the perfect combination to be “riddled” by these little creatures. If you are going on a hiking route, you plan to camp in some splendid natural setting, travel to an exotic destination or, simply, if your house is in a risk area, mosquito repellants are necessary.

Before using any of these products, it is very important read your composition carefully and the instructions for use to enjoy all its benefits. Repellants may contain chemicals and harmful substances for health, like cash but for many undesirable and harmful DEET. In this sense, as emphasized by the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists (@Portalpharmacy), you should always buy duly authorized repellants and registered by the corresponding health authorities.

Mosquito repellent

As advice, you should bear in mind that anti-mosquitoes of this type should be used when, indeed, conditions indicate an “attack” more than likely. If these circumstances do not exist, using them only as a precaution is not advisable. Other recommendations that you should not forget are:

  • Apply lotions or sprays especially in the hours when mosquitoes are most active: mid-morning and late afternoon (although there are variations depending on the species in question).
  • It is important avoid contact of this type of product with the mucous membranes (lips, nose, eyelids…). Nor can they be applied to wounds or irritated or sunburned skin.
  • You should know that the Effect of a mosquito repellent varies from person to person, so it may take a while for you to find the perfect copy for you.
  • Spray repellants should be applied to a Minimal distance of the skin and never on the face.
  • After use, it is basic scrupulously wash hands.
  • If you are in the field, remember that you can apply the anti-mosquito spray also about clothes.
  • Finally, except in exceptional cases, repellants on the skin are not recommended for sleeping. At night (unless you are in the middle of the “jungle”), it is better to resort to the traditional electric insecticides or the mosquito net of a lifetime.

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