How we can take advantage of the positive energy that surrounds us

Surrounding yourself with positive energy is the beginning towards the path of a happier life. Older people can take this route whenever they want and as long as they are ready for it. It’s about a slow process, It requires perseverance and a lot of perseverance, but it’s all a matter of getting to it. To achieve this we can adopt several ways, one of them is to try to change our attitude turning it positive, and another is to surround ourselves with everything that emanates this wave of good energy, including people.

Do outdoor activities

Going for a walk, hiking, walking in the park … they are good alternatives to enjoy the benefits of the sun and receive all the good it can bring us. Although an excess of exposure is harmful to health as it can promote the appearance of skin cancer, receiving a little sunlight has a positive influence on our mood.

We know that it helps to synthesize vitamin D, essential for the elderly because it prevents, among other things, osteoporosis. Also activates certain neurotransmitters that are related to mood, stimulates blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.

Have positive people around

Yes. This is vital, because they transmit their energy to you. People who are positive or who have these effects on our way of being, feeling or seeing life, will help us maintain a better state of mental health. If we perceive that a person is not comfortable with us or vice versa, it is best to get away from them, because it will only harm us. In the event that we have no other choice, we will have to find a way to cope as well as possible with this situation.

Positive energy in seniors

Be creative with your surroundings

Try to be surrounded by what you like. If you are passionate about flowers, try to have a plant at home. If you like a color, look for elements to decorate your home with this tone, and so on.

Sense of humor

Experts say that there is no better therapy to relax and fill yourself with positive energy than be laughing for a long time. The psychologist Mila Cahue assures that food, sex and exercise, main reinforcers of our brain, we must also add a good laugh, because causes the brain to secrete dopamine (neurotransmitter of this organ related to the expression of emotions) with intensity.

Learn to manage emotions

This is easy to say, but not so much to put into practice, especially when we have been a way of being all our lives. Nor does it mean that you have to hold back. From time to time it is good to get angry because in this way we release tension, as well as crying or feeling pain. For example regarding this last point the coach Jordi Planes, points out that pain is a very important feeling and we must identify it and allow ourselves to feel what it transmits to us. «Knowing it, understanding it and working on what it communicates to us, we can transform it into value.»

We must ensure that our emotions do not overcome us, and although we may have bad days, when they do, we can try analyze the reason for these sensations and give them a new vision. Understanding why we feel a certain way helps us understand the reactions we experience.

Emotions and cardiovascular health

Be patient

In this society where it seems that haste is what prevails for everything, patience stands as a highly coveted value. This word comes from Latin patire or suffer, so the one who has patience in theory it is «the one who suffers”. However, the psychologist Cahue prefers relate the term to «peace”. In addition, for Isaac Newton, thanks to this talent, invaluable discoveries have been contributed to humanity.

This attitude sometimes implies enduring difficulties to stay firm in a purpose, and let everything run smoothly until intervention is necessary. As the expert says, there are times when seeing things clearly does not mean that it is time to do something. It is also necessary to clarify when we have to move or not. Thus, you have to learn to be patient.

Do what we like the most

A person who finds motivation in life is cheerful, vital, full of energy. It gives her effort and dedication because it is what she is passionate about. But first you have to be clear about what you want to do, not just anything is worth it, not even the suggestions of others. It is we who we must define the objectives that motivate us.

Now, you have to be realistic and set goals that are within our means. There is no use setting the bar very high if we are not going to be able to reach it and in the end we are going to get frustrated.

Let’s look for a passion that fills us and that in turn completes our life, but is achievable. In addition, the simple fact of developing something that we like generates well-being and does not produce psychological wear, since we do not see it as an obligation but as something that gives us satisfaction, joy and positive energy.