How to withdraw money without a card (and in which banks you can do it)

Can you withdraw money without a card? The answer in this case is yes. Most of the banks that operate in our country offer this service with which you can withdraw your money from an ATM even if you do not have the card with you at that time.

It is very simple; following a series of steps on your mobile phone You can get those tickets in case of need and even, with that same cell phone, send that amount to another person so that they can withdraw it at the ATMs of that entity and also without a card.

It’s not magic, it’s the Application of new technologies in the most daily activities of our daily life and that you have at your disposal in the main financial institutions in Spain. See if any of these are yours.

How to withdraw money without a card (and in which banks you can do it)


If you are a BBVA customer (@BBVA_espana) you will only need a conventional mobile phone with which you can send and receive traditional text messages. SMS. Thus, the steps are as follows, take note:

  • Whether we have a phone from the old ones or we have our bank application installed on our mobile, we indicate the amount of money we need (or that we want to send to someone else who you do not have to be a BBVA customer) and we provide the telephone number of the final recipient of that economic amount.
  • That’s when an SMS will be received in which you are informed of the availability of that money, as well as the location of the ATMs where you can pick it up. How? Putting the password in those ATMs that has been provided via telematics.


In this case, Bankia (@Bankia) offers several ways to withdraw some cash if we do not have our card at that time. Thus, it can be done through smartphone downloading the entity’s application (in the option “refund without card”); Through the computer or by calling a fixed telephone number of the entity.

After several simple steps that you must carry out, you will receive on your mobile a reference number that will allow you to get those tickets. But remember that this figure expired after 3 days and that you will be able to have 300 euros each time you request this service.

Santander Bank

Santander Bank (@santander_es) uses the latest wireless technology to transmit that data and that money between the bank’s ATMs and your mobile phone. Thus, once you have downloaded your application wallet (like a virtual wallet), check the ATMs where you can make use of this innovative service (up to 1,000 euros a week).

Next, open the mobile payment application, select the card with which you want to operate and bring the mobile closer to the cashier reader contactless. The last step is to enter the code so that the system can identify you and there is no fraud.