How to wash white clothes: tricks to make it impeccable

Can’t bear to see that towel with brown colors? Or that yellowish shirt? The truth is that keeping the pristine white It is quite difficult since with use and washing the garments lose their original color, but in this article we are going to try to give you some simple tips to keep your clothes looking radiant for a long time.

Our first tip is to wash them separately. Many times, to try to save water and energy, we do laundry where we mix white clothes with colored clothes. In the long run that will end up spoiling our clothes. It is recommended that you do three laundry: black or dark clothing, colored clothing and white clothing. The color one, you can even differentiate it into colored and light clothing.

Regarding the water temperature, although we think that with the Hot water we achieve better results with regard to stains, but unlike what we have always thought, it is precisely the opposite. Use cold water instead of hot since the cold penetrates the fabrics in a different way helping us to maintain the impeccable white. However, when it comes to disinfection, hot water is always the best solution, as well as for very stubborn stains.

If you have stained your shirt with wine, coffee or tomato, the ideal is that you try to clean the stain as soon as possible since, otherwise, the difficulty will increase. However, the solution is not always to wash with bleach, since this product in the long run can deteriorate our clothes and even turn them yellowish over time. Although it is true that it is a great help for stubborn stains, unless your clothes are excessively stained, try to avoid it.

You can use a little diluted borax when washing white clothes to soften the water so there is no risk of yellowing.

Home remedies

The sun is a great ally for white clothes: ultraviolet rays are a natural bleach. Also, if you put a garment stained with a little natural soap in the sun, the stain will come out more easily.

Lemon is also another great bleach: try soaking the clothes you want to bleach with a little lemon juice Or add it to the washer drawer. This same remedy can be applied with products such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, vinegar or bicarbonate. But yes, be careful not to exceed the amount.

eye!  Lemon with baking soda does not cure covid-19

In this section we have shown you countless tricks and benefits with bicarbonate. For white clothes it was not going to be less, especially for specific stains. Rub the garment with a little water and a teaspoon of baking soda if you want the stain to disappear more easily.

Milk will also help us take care of the clothes and bleach them. Simply soak your clothes with a cup of milk.

Sometimes the stains are the result of the use of deodorants, in that case, we recommend you change the brand for others that do not yellow the clothes.