How to wash pillows at home without warping

We spend an average of 7 hours a day sleeping with our head on the pillow, so cleaning it is not something we should overlook. Y, Although we have a protective cover that we already wash regularly, it is advisable that at least twice a year, we carry out a complete cleaning of the pillows.

Before starting, the first step is to read the label and check if it is a washable material or if it is one that does not allow it (a non-washable filler). In addition, the next step is to see how we should wash them according to the type of pillow:

If it’s a latex pillow

Washing pillows at home without warping

In the event that our pillow is made of latex, it is best to wash it by hand, but following a series of recommendations. Thus, in the bathtub or in a large container we put cold or warm water with a little detergent for delicate clothes. Next, we immerse the pillow, without rubbing. After about 10 minutes we take it out of the water and let it dry in the open air, without direct sunlight.

If it is a fiber and microfiber pillow

Washing pillows at home without warping

These pillows are those that are filled with hollow polyester fibers from recycled materials and allow machine washing at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees and without using bleach. Also, although it is best to dry it outside (they usually dry quite quickly), they also allow tumble drying. Of course, neither ironing nor dry cleaning is recommended.

If it’s a feather and down pillow

Washing pillows at home without warping

This type of pillows also allows you to use the washing machine for cleaning and it is recommended to wash at a maximum of 60 degrees and we must use less amount of soap than we use in a normal wash cycle. In addition, before putting it in the washing machine, it is advisable to check that there is no unstitching in the seams or hole where we can lose the filling. On the other hand, whenever we wash a garment with feather filling, it is good to put 2 or three tennis balls in the drum to prevent the feathers from caking during the wash. And again, to dry the pillows better if we do it outdoors, on a flat surface without forgetting to remove the feathers so that they recover their shape.

If it is memory foam and foam

Washing pillows at home without warping

Memory foam polyurethane or ergonomic pillows adapt to the shape of the head and neck. For this reason, They should not be machine washed because it is a material that would warp (in addition, you can not use bleach, or tumble dry, or iron, or dry clean). Only occasionally if the interior has been stained, we will use a damp sponge with a little neutral soap to clean the gear. Therefore, in this type of pillows it is very important to use them with 100% cotton covers that can be machine washed and dried at a maximum of 60 ° C.