How to wash pillows and remove yellow stains

The pillows, no matter how much we use them with a protective cotton cover, over time they can catch a yellow wheel that indicates that they are not clean. Therefore, we must wash them regularly, but, if we already have yellow stains on our pillow, we will need more than a conventional wash cycle to get rid of them.

Why do pillows turn yellow?

Reasons why pillows yellow and how to clean them

The pillows acquire a yellowish tone with the passage of time basically for 2 reasons: sweat and saliva. Although we think that only in summer we sweat while we sleep, this is not the case since it is the body’s way of maintaining an adequate temperature. And, even if the pillow has a cover, it is inevitable that the sweat ends up reaching the pillow fabric and staining it.

When it comes to saliva, although it may be hard for us to admit, we all drool when we sleep since at some point in the night we sleep with our mouths open, it is normal and natural. And, like sweat, saliva seeps and stains the pillow.

In both cases, these two fluids create an environment conducive to mites and bacteria, so it is appropriate to remove their presence from the pillows. Therefore, it is essential to wash the pillows regularly (at least twice a year) taking into account the characteristics of the material in case they allow machine or hand washing. But, in cases where our pillow has already acquired a yellowish tone, it is necessary to carry out a special wash to whiten them.. We explain how.

Steps to perform a pillow bleach wash

Reasons why pillows yellow and how to clean them

To recover the original white, we are going to use a cup of laundry detergent, a cup of dishwasher detergent, 1/2 cup of borax (it is a boron compound with cleaning and detoxifying capabilities) and a cup of household bleach. To achieve the latter, we need to mix three liters of water, 125 ml. of lemon juice and 250 ml. of hydrogen peroxide. And let’s not forget to put on gloves while we prepare all the ingredients.

If our pillow is machine washable, we choose a hot water cycle with two rinses. We put the pillow and all the ingredients in the box and start the program.

And, if our pillow doesn’t allow machine washing, we can carry out the process by hand. We will only have to put the pillow in a container with cold water and add a cup of the bleaching mixture. We let it soak for about 5 minutes to finish rinsing with warm water.