How to use WhatsApp from your computer

Chat on WhatsApp without even having to turn on the mobile it is possible. How? We will only have to bring this application to the computer. This is an advantage because the PC is a device with a larger screen and that allows us to better view all photos or videos that they send us through WhatsApp or even send longer texts in a more comfortable way. Let’s see like this what steps to take to use WhatsApp from the computer.

Steps to have WhatsApp on your PC

  • Go to the WhatsApp Web page. From your computer’s browser you must enter the WhatsApp Web page. In it you will see a screen in which a QR Code appears to be scanned on the right. What do you have to do to activate it?
  • Activate the QR Code. To activate the QR Code you have to take your mobile and open WhatsApp. Being on the Chats screen you have to go to the Menu, which are the three vertical points that are in the upper right margin, right next to the magnifying glass. It will immediately be displayed and you will see the WhatsApp Web option. Click on it.
  • Scan the code. You will see a screen called “Scan the code”, click OK and direct the phone to the computer screen right where the QR code is. You have to ensure that all the code appears within the box that appears on the mobile. As soon as it is scanned, your WhatsApp will automatically appear on your computer.

For WhatsApp to work on the PC, your mobile must be on. In addition, you will see that on the screen of this, at the top, you will see an icon that tells you that “WhatsApp Web is active.”

How does it work

Exactly the same as on the mobile phone. If you want to chat with someone, just write as you do from your phone as if you want send a picture or video. You can change your profile, the configuration, that is, do the same as you would with the mobile in hand. When you want to exit you must give Menu again and Close Session.

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