How to use the TV screen to make video calls

Unfortunately, the current situation has caused people to use much more the video calls and video conferencing to get in touch with your loved ones. Many make “hangouts” to see each other on-line and thus feel closer to those they were used to seeing and which is now impossible due to the state of confinement in which the population is due to the coronavirus.

Technology has made this separation more bearable than if this had happened a decade or two in the past, since the possibilities were much smaller and even impossible for many users. Now however from mobile phone we can see several people simultaneously. Of course, this is sometimes uncomfortable and complicated since we are talking about a fairly small device. What’s more, even on the computer we can have some other inconvenience due to the size or the sound. So the best quality and most comfortable option would be television. But is it possible to use the TV to make video calls? The answer is in many cases yes.

How to use the TV screen to make calls to your loved ones

TV type

The first thing to weigh is what kind of appliance have. The most modern ones usually already include a camera, since they are smart TVs, so that not only will it record us, but we will also have the opportunity to use any of the applications in the store from which we download access to Netflix or HBO, to give two examples.

You can use any of the video conferencing applications and install it directly on the TV. You will see your contacts on the big screen without using any other device.

Computer connection

In case you do not have such an advanced television, do not rush, as there are other options to see video calls on the big screen. The first one is to use a HDMI cable connect the computer with the TV. That way, what you see on the laptop screen will appear on the TV. In this mode, you can use any of the applications on the PC but see the result on a larger screen and with the higher quality sound that televisions usually include.

How to use the TV screen to make calls to your loved ones

Directly from the mobile

On the other hand, since mobile phones are the most common tools for making video calls, since they include the apps For this and they are very comfortable to use, there are also options to see on the TV screen what is appearing on the screen itself smartphone.

This time, if your TV is fairly modern, it will probably allow receive both picture and audio wirelessly. For this you will only have to connect the mobile.

Other devices

If you don’t have these advanced features, there are other gadgets that make this type of video conferencing possible. The most common are Google Chromecast, Apple tv, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV Box Y Android TV. Therefore, if you have any of them for other types of activities, you should know that you will be able to see your contacts in a big way. Of course, not all these devices have an integrated camera, so you must connect one webcam for your contacts to see you.

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As for the applications that can be used to make these video calls, the most common is WhatsApp. In fact, it is probably the most used by users, who will have encountered the handicap that they can only speak four locations simultaneously. Apart from this app of Facebook, there are others that are very suitable to use both on the phone and on the computer. In fact, if we connect this with the television screen, the quality of what we see will be much higher. The applications we are talking about are:

  • Skype. East Microsoft service allows connection of up to 10 persons at once. It is highly recommended because she has extensive experience in these matters, given that she was the pioneer in this type of communication.
  • Google Duo. It is not well known but it is present in practically all phones that work with Android, as well as in any browser with a Gmail account. With her can be connected up to 8 people Different (locations), making it a great option for large groups of friends or family.
  • Zoom. The third recommendation is this app unknown to many users but that makes it possible to make video calls in which they participate up to 100 people (without paying the number is limited to 40 persons, which is not bad at all). In fact, it is a perfect possibility to teach on-line, since you not only see the teacher, but he is able to look each of his students in the face. And of course, if the screen used is that of a television, the advantages are even greater.