How to use the Bicimad? Step by step to enjoy …

If riding a bike is among your skills, Bicimad, the bicycle rental system of the Madrid City Council, can become your favorite means of transport through the center of the capital. Fast and ecological, we tell you how to use the Bicimad step by step:

Download the Bicimad application

It is not essential, but highly recommended. If you have a smartphone, download the Bicimad application on your phone. Create an account and you will be able to access the station map or check the balance of your card, and you can even request it if you are going to use it for the first time, to be able to download it directly at the station. Either way, you can request it in situ if you can’t use the app.

Get a card

The first thing is to establish if you are going to give it frequent or sporadic use. If you do not live in Madrid and you are passing through, you can get a card for this occasional use, in which you will be billed for the use you give it. You can get your card by approaching one of the totems where the bikes are anchoredcheck the stations here), operating with a credit card. As if it were a car rental, they will charge you a deposit of 150 euros to ensure that the bike will be returned. When you do, they will deduct the use you have given it.

If you live in Madrid and plan to take the Bicimad several times a year, it is likely that you are interested in its annual subscription (the rates, that you can check here, they are much cheaper). If you do not have a transport pass, you will have to pay 25 euros per year, 15 euros if you already have a transport card (monthly or annual) of the Community of Madrid, with which you can also operate directly, without having to take out a new one.

Pick up your bike

It is not necessary to reserve (although you can do it through the app), just go to the nearest station and find an available bike. You should have a green light at your anchor pointIf it is blue, the bicycle is reserved. Slide your card through the reader on the left, at the anchor, until you hear a beep, and remove your bike, pulling back with both hands.

Adjust the bike

Adjust the saddle to your height, and remember that Bicimad bikes are electric: you can start your engine with the ON / OFF button located on the left side of the handlebar, and you can adjust it by pressing MODE: LOW, MED and HIGH are the three levels of electric assistance, LOW being the lowest. You will see that with HIGH it will hardly cost you to advance.

Return the bike

Remember to return the bike at a Bicimad station. Locate an empty anchor point and insert it until you hear a beep. By last, make sure the anchor point light turns red, a sign that this bike is available again.