How to use a humidifier in 5 steps

A home with a dry environment can harm our health. Difficulties when breathing, snoring when sleeping, extremely dry skin or the proliferation of certain allergies are some of the annoyances suffered by people who are more sensitive to this environment and to the lack of humidity in their home. By way of prevention, they can be used humidifiers that are nothing more than reservoirs of water that is then expelled to the outside in the form of steam. Thus, the environment becomes more humid.

Before pointing out how these devices are used, it is necessary for each person to choose the system that best suits their needs.

How does a humidifier work?

Once we have the humidifier at home, just follow the following recommendations:

  • Read the instructions for the appliance carefully, especially when they explain how to use it or if it needs to be assembled into parts. Then check everything is correct and no important accessories are missing. Then, it is advisable to wash all parts for the first time with mild soap and water, to eliminate possible remains that have remained from its manufacture, assembly or transport.
  • It is preferable to fill the humidifier with distilled water instead of the normal tap. When thinking about the exact location, it is best to opt for a high and level surface (for example, on top of a dresser) and never too close to the walls. It is best to leave a distance of approximately 30 centimeters.
  • Try to turn it on and regulate its characteristics according to needs. Manufacturers recommend that humidity levels be between 30% and 50%.
  • Never leave it on in an empty room. Turn it off when you are not using it.
  • Wash the humidifier frequently, as doing so will help prevent bacteria from growing inside it.

Following these tips for use, you will notice, after days, an improvement if you have tendency to snoring or excessive nasal dryness. It will also help you breathe better, wake up in the morning with a softer voice and a less dry throat, as well as to have a hydrated skin (especially that of your face, lips and hands).